Friday, March 29, 2019

Power director can capture the VHS images/video directly through its "Capture " process.

Power director can capture the VHS images/video directly through its "Capture " process.

For those that do not know how to use the "Capture" feature of is easy. The Windows computer that Richard Houck normally uses with the Homestech VHS to Digital converter is the computer set up for it right now.  Every thing is already hooked up correctly from the VHS tape player thru the digital converter to the Window computer via the USB cable.

Just start up, Powerdirector and go to the "Capture" tab. Power "on" the VHS tape player, insert the VHS tape, and get ready to press the VHS play tape button.  When the power to the VHS tape player is turned "on" The Powerdirector "Capture" function will recognize the device a a TV . Press the play button of the VHS player and the preview window on the Powerdirector 'Capture' function will show what is showing on the VHS player. Press the Powerdirector red "Record" button, when you want to record what is playing on the preview window...and press "Record" button again, when you want to stop recording.  The Powerdirector screen will prompt you to name the captured file and gives you the location as to where the captured video is located. Press "Edit" on the Powerdirector tab and the regular editing screen will show up, with the captured video in the library and on Video/Audio track #1. Then it is business as usual to edit the video file.

Joe Osuna is available on Mondays to give any one that wants to see , how it done...and Richard Houck also now knows how to do it also. He is on duty on Tuesdays.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

VPC Minutes February 28, 2019

VPC Minutes  February 28, 2019
Members present: Joseph Valentinetti, Joe Osuna, Oralia Osuna, Bonnie Z Cooper, Mara Williams, Bill Holden, Yuri Choi, Beverley Bender, Anna Derby, Mary Apte, Irene Cistaro, Michael Oh, Owen Hughes, Naim Henein, John Robinson, Peter Pham, Leslie Parker, Paul Bassett.

Minutes:  The minutes are posted on the VPC web page so members can read them prior to the meeting. Bill Holden moved to accept the minutes as written. Joe Osuna seconded. Accepted unanimously.
Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer was absent from the meeting but handed in this report later in the day. Barbara Houck, the treasurer, was absent, however, she sent in this treasurer report:
12/31/17   Balance            $1,405.30
1/18/19     Dues                       240.00
1/31/19     Interest .06
1/31/19     Bank Balance   $1,645.36
1/31/19     Perry Cash          $  105.00

Birthdays: Anna Derby February

New Business: GRF will not be renewing our lease for this room (12A, Club House 3). We have this lease until June 30. GRF is looking at other locations where they can move us. They plan to put in a learning center and are looking into the electrical needs for this center. The reason we are being moved is because GRF is concerned that the meeting rooms are not being used to maximum capacity.

VPC would like to have more members and it was suggested that we advertise our club more.  Joseph showed a short video of Joe Osuna teaching members how to work with AV equipment. This video will be shown on Superwire. Hopefully this video will attract some people to join us. Joseph encouraged all the members to produce similar videos.

Reminders: VPC phone number is 562-431-6586  ext 287. We are in Club House 3 which is on Northwood Road. The web site is

ROUND TABLE: Anna Derby is very busy with the “Centenarian” luncheon. There are 22 centenarians in Leisure World currently. Mary Apte is doing the interviews. Anna worked with Michael Oh and Paul Bassett on the Valentine Day party and on the Rockin Chairs who have changed their name to Vinyl Rock.

Bonnie Z Cooper started a new class on using the VPC equipment and it’s full but she plans to start another class asap. Joe will pick up her graduating students and teach production. In addition to her teaching, she’s making  videos. “Judge Bonnie” was such a success that she is working on a new video.

Joe Osuna submitted 5 or 6 videos to SBTV3. He’s always busy with teaching and making videos. He has trained a number of newcomers on our equipment so that they earned their key to the room.

Mara Williams has attended Bonnie and Joe’s classes and has become quite an asset to the club. She often offers to help assist other members. She assisted Mary Apte with the Bob Cole Conservatory.

Bill Holden is completing Bonnie and Joe’s classes. Bill has written most of the plays that Joe turns into delightful videos for Superwire and TV3. Bill also is great at interviewing.

Yuri Choi is a new member and is learning all the equipment.

Bev Bender has been experimenting at home. She volunteers to help others. She was second camera for Janice Laine for Jeff Riley’s memorial.

Janice Laine videoed Jeff Riley’s memorial. She made a 15 minute comedy movie “Leisure World Follies” which was shown on Valentine’s day to cancer survivors.

John Robinson is reviewing 24 papers.

Niem Henein recently joined VPC and has been busy learning the equipment and programs. He is a member of classes taught by Joe Osuna and by Bonnie Z Cooper.

Peter Pham also recently became a member and he too is learning the equipment and has joined the classes. He is transferring his videos onto discs.

Mary Apte videoed the Bob Cole Conservatory at the Community Church with the help of Mara Williams. She is also helping Anna Derby with the Centenarian luncheon. Mary is videoing the interviews with the 6 centenarians in Leisure World.

Irene Cistaro is helping Paul Bassett and Michael Oh with several projects. She has learned how to use the SBTV3 camera and has joined the classes being offered.

Michael Oh is working with Paul Bassett finishing up some videos.

Paul Bassett is editing the Vinyl Rock Group (formerly known at the Rockin’ Chairs) and also the  Band of the California Battalion.

Owen Hughes  is finishing videos on Pickleball and another on Rolling Thunder.

Robin Forte-Lincke reported TV3 had lots of power outages and equipment failure. This new equipment needs to be built and sent here.

Respectfully submitted,

Janice Laine