Saturday, October 27, 2018



Members Present
Joseph Valentinetti, Bill Frambach, Bev Bender, Janice Laine, Andre DuSomme, Sheryl DuSomme, Leslie Parker, Irene Cistaro, Michael Oh, Anna Derby, Oralia Osuna, Joe Osuna, Bonnie Cooper, Bill Holden, Mary Apte, Mary Apte, Paul Bassett, Robin Forte-Lincke, (SBTV3).  
Bill Holden moved to accept the Minutes of the September meeting. Seconded by Joe Osuna and unanimously approved. Treasurer
Joe Osuna moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report with a balance at the end of September of $2,153.10 at US Bank, and $34 in Petty Cash. Seconded by Bill Frambach and unanimously approved. Birthdays There were 2 birthdays in October: Janice Laine, Bev Bender; and one, Bill Frambach, in November.

Old Business

The VPC holiday party will be held on November 5th  at Clubhouse 4, Side A (Left).  Doors will open at 11:30
Anna will provide 4 dancers and 2 singers from for ½ hour from 11:45 to 12:15.  The Bula Brothers Band will play next

New Business

October is election month. A unanimous decision to keep the current officers:

Joseph Valentinetti – President

Joe Osuna – Vice President 

Janice Laine – Secretary
____________________________________________________________Date ____________

Barbara Houck – Treasurer

VPC has a VCR head cleaner. Please read directions.
It is being kept on the bookshelf. next to the storage room 
The library is having a Christmas Tree decorating contest. The members were not interested in entering a tree.
Joseph suggested that we think about moving up the date of our holiday party to the end of October since November and December are always so full of activities. He will investigate the possibilities of that change 

Mary Apte has returned from her long vacation and will be available for projects.

Michael Oh videoed the GAF Gala and Keith Bague’s memorial.

Mara Williams is getting a new phone.

Leslie Parker is very involved in the Where We Live club. Keith Bague was her partner in that club and his passing as been very difficult for her. She is also involved with Computer Friends.

Bonnie Cooper thanked everyone for their support. She went to the Bruno Mars concert and was able to observe all the camera work. She videoed Carol Matola’s party and worlked with the Latino American club. Currently she is working with Amy Walker on a storyboard that will showcase Amy’s dancing.

Beverly Bender attended Keith’s memorial.

Bill Holden attended the GAF gala. He has been writing clever plays that Joe Osuna has been filming. Bonnie Cooper has been in these plays and has helped with the videoing.

Andre Du Somme reported on the Good News Singers’ Christmas show on November 3. It will be in Clubhouse 4 at 2 p.m.  They will be serving complimentary food. He also thanked VPC for covering the Cabaret Show.

Irene Cistaro assisted Michael Oh, Paul Bassett, and Anna Derby with the Rockin’ Chairs, VIVA Korean Choir, Cabaret and the GAF gala.

Joe Osuna introduced Andre and Sheryl DuSomme. Andre has acted in two of Joe’s movies He will be in the new silent movie murder mystery written by Bill Holden. Joe is recruiting other actors now. Joe will cover Halloween events at the Library. Bill Holden will interview for him. 

Anna Derby has been involved in five events: The Rockin Chairs, Cabaret, Keith’s memorial, the GAF gala and the Community Church’s fund raiser with multiple musical entertainers from Korea.

Paul Bassett has become an expert in synchronizing the audio and picture using three cameras. He has been assisting on all of Anna’s events.

Robin Forte-Lincke reported on “Meet the Candidates” live streaming now on TV3. The election is similar to video on demand. 

Meeting adjourned. Janice Laine, secretary