Thursday, September 27, 2018



President Joseph Valentinetti called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

Members Present: Richard Houck, Michael Oh, Irene Cistaro, Paul Bassett, Bill Frambach, Anna Derby, Barbara Houck, Brian Harmon & Robin Forte-Lincke, (SBTV3).  Guests were Andre & Sheryl  Dubre.  These Leisure World residents are also active in the Cabaret, Good News Singers, and Theater Club.

The Minutes of the August General Meeting were approved as corrected.

Treasurer’s Report -  Barbara Houck reported a balance at the end of August of $2,153.02 at US Bank, and $69 in Petty Cash.

New Business

There were 3 member birthdays in September – Probably a record.

Joseph discussed the Club’s Holiday Party to be held on Monday, November 6, at Clubhouse 4, Side A (Left).  Doors will open at 11:30.  Jose Osuna will tape the event, and Michael Ho and Richard Houck volunteered to backup as required.  Barbara Houck and Irene Cistaro volunteered to assist with decorating the tables.

The entertainment was discussed.  Anna will provide 4 dancers and 2 singers from for ½ hour from 11:45 to 12:15.  The Bula Combo will provide music during the meal, starting at 12:30.

Joseph reminded members to email him if there are guest VIPs that should be invited to attend the Holiday party.  There was discussion about the guests like SB3, Recreation Dept, etc; who he invites every year.

Joseph reminded members that we will vote for Officers at the October general meeting.  He request input if anyone is interest in becoming President, Vice, President, Secretary, or Treasurer.


Barbara Houck– Working on a story of her Great Grandfather who drove a 1910 Buick from Indiana to Texas, and the various adventures along the way.  Hopes to someday have it produced as a video.

Richard Houck – Has finished the Stamp & Collectibles Club video.  Has it ready to produce.

Anna  – Video of party, has Saturday concert to tape, and October Sunshine Club.

Michael  – Concerns about Superwire contract which expires in February.  Not sure what changes might be expected.  Joseph explained that “Meda Data” in video will get it into the right category.  He also mentioned that our Facebook page will preserve our videos.  Robin (SBTV3) said no one knows at this time what will happen.

Brian is still working with “Harmonizing Humanities”, and has interviews in the next 2 weeks.   His wife does the camera work.

Guest Andre and Sheryl – They have been working with Irene on her cruise video.  Sheryl is a writer, and her poetry can be seen in the Leisure World Newspaper.

Irene - has been involved with the play, and excited about learning to use Camera 3.

Paul - has been working with Anna’s events, and working on the Korean Event for SBTV3.

Robin – has been working on our new programming for October.

Joseph discussed the various venues such as Goggle Maps and YouTube, and the differences for our videos.

Barbara Houck recommended members to watch a very funny Leisure World video featuring 4 residents imitating Michael Jackson and the LW Poker Club Party on YouTube from several years ago.  To access it Robin found it by searching “Leisure World & Michael Jackson”.

Meeting adjourned.

Acting Secretary
Barbara Houck

Monday, September 3, 2018

MINUTES – Video Producers Club – August 23, 2018

Joseph Valentinetti, Barbara Houck, Richard Houck, Bill Frambach, Oralia Osuna, Joe Osuna, Art Rubenstein, Rabbi Galit Levy-Slater, Bill Holden, Irene Cistaro, Michael Oh, Anna Derby, Lynn Baidack, Paul Bassett, Janice Laine, Robin Forte-Lincke
Members are requested to read the minutes on our website and suggest errors/omissions. Joe Osuna moved to accept the minutes. Richard Houck seconded. Unanimously approved
Bank balance is $2,052.94. Petty cash is $69.00. Richard Houck moved to accept. Joe Osuna seconded. Unanimously approved.
VPC’s facebook page is the first post on our website
Equipment donated by SBTV3 can only be used for TV3 videos. GRF equipment can be used by all VPC members who have been qualified. None of the equipment can be used by members who will use it to make money. This is for hobby use only. It is okay to charge people for discs that members make.
A broken tripod was found. Please inform VPC when equipment is broken so that it can be fixed.
September and October are the last meetings for 2018. Please give Joseph names of restaurants that cater.
Paul Bassett finished a drive safe video. Also edited the Korean American show in the amphitheater with the help of Michael Oh and Irene Cistero. He explained the new sound equipment at the amphitheater. Some of it needs to get fixed. He accepted a $100 donation to VPC from the Korean American Association.
Michael Oh dropped his camera in the ocean and had to buy a new one. He learned that if salt water gets in a camera, it should be rinsed with plain water. Michael videoed and produced the Korean American Show in the amphitheater. Michael videoed and produced the wedding in club house 2.
Irene Cistaro was third camera at the amphitheater. Had to change batteries. Always check the status of the batteries before going to event. She crewed a wedding with Michael and Janice in club house 2
Bill Holden has written several short plays that have been filmed by Joe Osuna and cast with many of the VPC members as players. These shows can be seen on Superwire and facebook.
Janice Laine completed the Doo Wop show and the Mystery theater show. She crewed for Michael Oh’s video of the wedding in club house 2.
Richard Houck made a 9-hour video transfer. Also 4 2-hour videos and a 1-hour project.
Anna Derby directed the wedding at club house 2 and the Korean American show in the amphitheater. She helped with the problems with the sound at the amphitheater. Anna very generously offered to have her dance group, with a singer, perform at our Holiday party. Thank you, Anna.
Rabbi Galit Levy-Slater is live feeding the high holidays. Live feeding is a first for VPC and several members offered to crew.
Art (Jason) Rubinsteen having problems with his equipment and is working on solving them.
Joe Osuna has been creating clever short plays to be seen on Superwire and facebook. He is working with Bill Holden and several VPC members on these projects. He volunteered to test the equipment Galit Levy-Slater will use with her live-feed high holidays program to verify it could stream using clubhouse 3 WiFi. He’s also working with Mara Williams on a church project blessing of the animals.
Barbara Houck is learning Power Director. She had years of genealogy work to produce. She also has a lot of work on her collectors’ club.
Robin Forte-Lincke explained how to get TV3 on your TV. TV3 got a grant from Run Seal Beach for equipment so now anyone can watch live shows on their own computer.

Respectfully submitted,