Friday, February 23, 2018


MEMBERS PRESENT: Joseph Valentinetti, Joe Osuna, Oralia Osuna, Anna Derby, Michael Oh, Irene Cistaro, Richard Houck, Barbara Houck, Bonnie Z Cooper, Shirlene Chavez, Joseph Chavez, Mary Apte, Ren Villaneueva, Paul Bassett, Sandy Young, Janice Laine, Robin Forte-Lincke.
MINUTES:  Members are requested to peruse the minutes on our website and suggest errors/omissions. Richard Houck moved to accept the minutes as written. Ren Villaneueva seconded the motion. Unanimously approved.
TREASURER: The beginning balance was $2126.24. Dues Collected were $20 giving a balance of $2246.24. Petty cash balance was $105 less $5 for coffee leaving a balance of $100.00. $55.00 was collected during the meeting and will be reflected on next month’s report. Joseph Chavez moved to accept the report and Joe Osuna seconded. Unanimously approved.
BIRTHDAYS:  Anna Derby had her birthday acknowledged.
NEW BUSINESS: Mary Apte requested a crew to assist her in her Inside Leisure World video. Janice Laine and Sandy Young tentatively agreed.
The library has requested video coverage for several events they have planned. Joe Osuna will cover the Easter egg show with Mary Apte assisting on camera.
Last month the VPC began making 2 to 3 minute promos for all of the clubs in Leisure World. A number of these promos have been completed and Joe Osuna is grouping them together and putting them on Superwire and SBTV3. More will be completed.
ROUND TABLE: Mary Apte is making the April Inside Leisure World featuring Ken Reddy with “Art from India.” She is also assisting Joe Osuna for the Easter Egg show at the library.
Michael Oh has been busy with four projects: 1. FALW – the Filipino Valentine dance; 2. Anna Derby’s birthday party; 3. GRF Valentine party; and 4. Cabaret’s Mardi Gras. Richard Houck, Anna Derby and Paul Bassett assisted.
Ren Villaneueva suggested that we ask GRF to install stage lighting.
Irene Cistaro made a promo for her Tai Chi class and is working on projects for the gardening and art clubs.
Sandy Young is checking her schedule to make sure she is available to help Mary Apte do her ILW video. She is donating her old Mac to the VPC.
Bonnie Z Cooper is working on a project with HICAP. She is also working with Leisure World’s social worker, Cynthia Tostado on a resources project. She has completed promos for 4 clubs.
Barbara Houck is VPC’s newest member and took copious notes to learn as much as possible.
Richard Houck has become VPC’s expert on changing tape to DVD or CD. He crewed with Michael Oh on several projects.
Anna Derby is thankful for the promo completed on the Joyful Line Dance club. She has crewed with Michael Oh on his four projects. She tried to help with the Cabaret lighting issue but it was to no avail. Fortunately Paul Bassett had his low level lighting camera.
Paul Bassett was welcomed back after a long absence. Paul was a godsend for the Cabaret show since lighting was a problem and Paul had the correct camera.
Oralia Osuna assisted Joe on several projects. They videoed the Harmonica students show.
Joe Osuna is putting together several of the 2 to 3 minutes promos to show on Superwire and SBTV3. He videoed and or produced several of the promos. In addition he shot and produced the Harmonica Show.   
Joseph Chavez has been busy learning how to use his new drone and his new apparatus for his phone camera with a microphone and a spot light.
Shirlene Chavez helps Joseph.
Janice Laine completed the video of the theater club’s “A Chili Night” show. She completed the 2 ½ minute promo for the Joyful Line Dance club.
Respectfully submitted,
Janice Laine, Secretary