Thursday, July 27, 2017


Members present: Joseph Valentinetti, Lorene Christian, Bill Frambach, Irene Cistaro, Janice Laine, Richard Houck, Michael Oh, Joe Osuna, Oralia Osuna, Bonnie Cooper, Mike Turis, Ren Villaneuva, Howard Jarvis, Lynn Choy, John Robinson, Anna Derby.
Minutes:  The June minutes were unanimously approved.
Treasurer:  The June treasurer’s report showed a balance of $1998.82 in the bank account.  Petty cash balance is $130.00. The treasurer’s report was unanimously approved.
New Business: A request for coverage for a choir event included the stipulation that they see the video before it is shown on TV because they had some SAG members who are not allowed to work complimentarily. A discussion followed.
Another discussion concerned whether to video church services. It is permissible to video events in church as long as it does not include proselytizing or requests for donations.
Only one of the computers in the VPC room has all of the necessary information to complete the production of a video. There is often a hold up with several members needing to use that computer. VPC is putting together a program so that all members will learn how to use the packing program that will allow them to move from one computer to another, thus eliminating that problem. Members can come by the VPC room on Monday or Wednesday morning when Joe or Joseph may be available to show them how to use the easy program. It only takes a few minutes to learn it.
Round Table
Richard Houck is making an instructional video for radio preparedness and is videoing the third part of emergency preparedness event this weekend.
Mike Turis, our newest member, has been very helpful crewing for video events. He was asked to video the flea market this weekend.
John Robinson thanked Joe Osuna for all his work.
Bonnie Cooper donated a whiteboard to the VPC room. She has completed the August ILW on Paws and Claws and is working a several other projects.
Ren Villaneuva is not currently working on any videos but he is busy with a myriad of other events.
Joe Osuna explained ILW and reported that VPC has submitted videos for 12 years. He has completed 3 skits which are being shown on Superwire and is working on some others.

Bill Frambach demonstrated a device (around $15) for amplifying the sound on phone videos. He also showed us an I-tag ($1 or $2) which will take a snap shot when you are making a video from as far as 30 feet away.
Michael Oh produced the Suede Soul Dancers event in July. He is preparing for his family reunion of about 40 people by making a video to be shown at their celebration.
Janice Laine is completing an ILW video for September on the International Dance Club and will be making videos on an author who had moved to Paris when she was 78 and another video on a chef who cooked in Antarctica for 3 years.
Anna Derby reported that Paul Bassett is getting better and misses us all. She presented the club with a rolling tripod donated by Jo Jo Weingart, the Leisure World hula teacher and entertainer.  
Lynn Choy is involved in an ongoing Chinese Historical Society project including beauty pageants from years past.
Howard Jarvis reported on his work with GAF distributing mobility aids and also his years and years of delivering Leisure World Meals. He explained the difference between Leisure World Meals, Meal on Wheels, and the Senior Center meals.
Robin Forte-Lincke was unable to attend.
Respectfully submitted,

Janice Laine, secretary