Monday, May 29, 2017



Members present: Joseph Valentinetti, Lorene Christian, Anna Derby, Bill Frambach, Mary Apte, Dee Harmon, Irene Cistaro, Beverly Bender, Janice Laine, Richard Houck, and Robin Forte-Lincke.

Minutes:  The corrected April minutes were unanimously approved.

Treasurer:  The January treasurer’s report showed a beginning balance of $1998.66 in the bank account. Petty cash balance is $120. Unanimously approved.

New Business
Mary Apte reported that the lavalier microphones are locked in the SBTV3 cabinet and are available to certified video producers. Further, Mary had been working on a two-camera shoot about Cinco De Mayo for the July ILW; however, she is unable to complete it in time and asked to be able to submit it at a later date. Janice Laine volunteered to complete one of her videos for the July ILW.

Round Table
Mary Apte is working on a promotion regarding the presentation to a church of a large painting by artists Barbara Simundza and Carmen Leslie. In addition, Mary is making a public service announcement for the Suede Soul dancers.

Anna Derby reported problems can be avoided by being sure that 10 days before an event, you put your event needs on a sketch for Kathy in the recreation department. Kathy will see that everything requested is in place for the event. Anna further reported that she is coordinating with Paul BassetT and Michael Oh on several projects including the Suede Soul Dancers, Cinco de Mayo, Good News Singer, Hui Hula, and the Mutual 5 picnic.

Dee Harmon said that Harmonizing Humanity made a video of the “Where We Live Club” using two cameras. She and Brian have submitted two new “Harmonizing Humanity” shows.

Irene Cistaro informed the club that she really enjoys doing KIO. She has been busy capturing short clips.

Joseph Valentinetti announced that he continues to give classes on using your phone or tablet to produce videos. In addition, he is still working with GRF on their promotional video.

Robin Forte-Lincke said to be sure to check the audio level because when editing the volume can change. The standard level is 0; if down minus, it’s too low. Also, the on board camera mic picks up every noise at the same loudness.

Respectfully submitted,

Janice Laine, secretary