Friday, April 28, 2017



Members present: Joseph Valentinetti, Paul Basset, Lorene Christian, Anna Derby, Bill Frambach, Mary Apte, Brian Harmon, Dee Harmon, Jim Mulchahy, Michael Oh, Irene Cistaro, Sandy Young, and Richard Houck.

Minutes:  March minutes were unanimously approved. Secretary Janice Laine was absent and April minutes were taken by Brian Harmon.

Treasurer:  The January treasurer’s report showed a beginning balance of $1878.59 in the bank account.  $120 was deposited giving a current  total of $1998.59. Petty cash paid $18.30 for batteries and $4 for cookies. Ending petty cash balance is $94.

New Business
Mary Apte reported on the use of external microphones. She said that she had a few problems but it was worth it. Extraneous sounds were less of a problem.

Joseph Valentinetti indicated that a new program called "we transfer" allows sending up to two gigs to anyone.

Joseph also said that the community section of the Leisure World paper is a good source for new programs. For example, Cinco de Mayo would make for a great show.

The newspaper will begin running a box each week spotlighting The Video Producers club classes.

Round Table

Richard reported that he is holding off on his handheld radio program so that he could do CERT drill this month.

Anna Derby coordinated and Michael Oh produced Hui O Hula entertainment at Seal Beach on April 15, Saturday sponsored by Surfriders Foundation which promotes to protect to ocean for others for generations to come. Joe Osuna got this article in April's VPC program. Michael and Anna just came back from his oldest daughter, Miki's 50th birthday and taped lots of footage.

Irene reported that she has been having trouble using Google pictures. Joseph explained that there is a preference tab in the file menu of just about every program, so she can turn off functions that are causing her difficulties.

Paul’s video productions “Senior Scam” and Cabaret’s “Music Around the World” should be scheduled to show in May on SBTV3.  Cameras were Michael Oh, Richard Houck, and Paul, with Anna Derby handling video coordination.

The Bert Carroll tribute production was delayed due to the project producer being on a ten day cruise.

Paul will video produce the Hui O’Hula event on Sunday, May 7th, in Clubhouse 1.  Cameras to be handled by Michael Oh, Mary Apte, and Paul.  Anna Derby is the video production coordinator.

Jim Mulcahy said that he is new and wants to learn about making videos.

Sandy reported that in taking movies of flowers and trees she has been learning to keep her finger out of the way. She is also learning how to use iMovie.

Brian Harmon reported on his program harmonizing humanity that the show deals with how each person can do something to make the world better. His latest interviewee was Anna Derby. He will use that interview for two episodes.

Joseph said that his class on using your phone to take videos has been successful and is attracting new members. It is held the second and fourth Wednesday at 10 AM.

Joe Osuna is reported to be in the Florida Keys and he’s sure to come back with some fabulous video, according to Joseph Valentinetti.
Respectfully submitted,
Janice Laine

Brian Harmon