Friday, March 24, 2017



Members present: Joseph Valentinetti, Joseph Chavez, Shirlene Chavez, Bonnie Z Cooper, Oralia Osuna, Joe Osuna, Paul Basset, Lorene Christian, Anna Derby, Bill Frambach, Mary Apte, Janice Laine, Carol Gregurek, Irene Cistaro, Sandy Young, and Richard Houck.

Minutes:  The February minutes had been added to the web site for all of the members to read. Corrections were made.  Mary Apte moved to accept the corrected minutes, Joe Osuna seconded. Minutes were unanimously approved.

Treasurer:  The January treasurer’s report showed a beginning balance of $1978.59 in the bank account.  There were bank charges of $3 and $5. There is $157.00 in petty cash. Joe Osuna moved to accept the report, Joseph Chavez seconded. Unanimously approved

New Business
Eloy Gomez, Leisure World Safety director, has asked the VPC to video CERT’s emergency training program on Friday 3/31. CERT is staging a mockup of what to do in an emergency. Some residents will be costumed in bandages and splints to portray those injured in the event and others will act as rescuers. Mary, Paul, Irene, Joe, and Richard volunteered for this project.

Mary Apte is working on the May Inside Leisure World regarding the mini farms.

Joe Osuna will be on vacation for two months beginning 4/21 and Janice Laine will do his KIO commitment. Richard Houck’s Tuesday KIO will be covered for one week by Joe Osuna.

Paul Bassett reported that instead of erasing their video on a VPC camera, someone left about 12 clips on it so it was not ready for the next person.  Also, he noted that the batteries had not been recharged. Please be considerate of others who use the equipment.

Joseph reported that while videos for Superwire have been loaded every day, they will be loaded less often when Joe Osuna is on vacation in April and May.

Round Table

Anna Derby is working with Paul and Michael on several projects. She was interviewed by Mary Apte.

Richard Houck is making a video about the radio and is just finishing one on the light house. He is very involved in the CERT training program.

Paul Bassett is working on the Filipino Valentine party. He edited the GRF Scam seminar and is producing the video of the Cabaret show. 

Bonnie Z Cooper is filming a hospice program with Oralia and Irene as her crew.
Mary Apte is working on the May ILW regarding the mini gardens.
Lorene explained about our refreshments.
Carol Gregurek, a new member, is very excited about learning how to video.

Oralia worked with Joe on DuWop and is operating the camera for Bonnie’s Hospice shoot.

Joe Osuna is shooting an original play and several short skits. Joe’s google maps entries hit the one million mark.

Irene Cistaro is learning how to use her tablet to take videos and working with Mary on the Mini Farms and the CERT program.

Joseph C. is experimenting with his iphone.

Robin Forte-Lincke informed the group that she will present certification classes in the summer.

Respectfully submitted,

Janice Laine