Friday, October 28, 2016



Members present:
Joseph Valentinetti, Joe Osuna, Oralia Osuna, Paul Basset, Anna Derby, John Robinson, Richard Houck, Bonnie Cooper, Bob Slater, Bill Frambach, Mary Apt, Bob Slater, Mary Milhone, Eunis Christensen, Bill Holden.
Members had read the minutes on line. Richard Houck moved that the minutes be approved. Joe Osuna seconded. The minutes were unanimously approved.
The September treasurer’s report showed a bank balance of $1540.57 in the bank account. Petty cash $90. Joe Osuna moved to accept the treasurer’s report. Seconded by Bill Frambach. Report approved. The VPC received a letter of appreciation and a $100 contribution from Ren Villaneuva for covering his FALW event. Bob McCauley from Superwire donated $500.

Old Business
·         Coffee was provided as requested.

New Business:  

·         The election of officers is held in October. Joseph Valentinetti nominated Joe Osuna for Vice President; Janice Laine for Secretary, and Lorene Christian for Treasurer. Joe Osuna nominated Joseph Valentinetti for President. There were no other nominations; therefore,  the nominees were duly elected.
President:                                        Joseph Valentinetti
Vice President:                                     Joe Osuna
Secretary:                                           Janice Laine
Treasurer:                                        Lorene Christian

·         Our annual Holiday party will be November 7 in Club House 4, Section A. Room open for VPC from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. John’s Philly Grill will cater. Ben Berg will be the entertainment.
·         Joseph Valentinetti will start a class on how to use your phone for videoing events. He demonstrated an adapter that can be attached to a table tripod to keep the phone steady. He plans on presenting other classes to Leisure World groups so they can do their own filming. The club will assist them in editing.
·         Joseph requested $100 to buy several of these tripods and adapters. Bill Frambach moved that the money be allotted. Seconded by Joe Osuna. Unanimously approved.

Round Table Discussion: 

·         Paul Bassett completed a video on the ribbon cutting at the globe event. He also worked on videos of Cabaret and the Rock and Roll show. Paul reported that GRF employees will no long be using hard discs but rather will rely on videos being uploaded to youtube for viewing.
·         New VPC member Mary Milhone is learning how to change VHS to DVD.
·         Bonnie informed the club of Kate Pedigo’s injury and recovery. She is finishing the video on the new torah presented to Galeet Slater.
·         Joe Osuna reported that GRF has approved a new air conditioner. He is working with the new Drone Club. Joe will be clearing out most of the files on our computers prior to 2016 and suggested that members come and take their files if they want them.
·         New VPC member, Eunis Christensen, is eager to learn how to use the VPC equipment.
·         Richard Houck is working on the video about his trip to San Francisco and he’s planning another video on the radio club.
·         Bob Slater reported on the discussions about whether to allow drones to fly over Leisure World

Respectfully submitted,
Janice Laine