Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Video Producers Club Shows for May 2015 airing on SBTV 3

New programs scheduled to show in May 2015 on our local television station, SBTV-3 , on Time Warner Cable Channel 3 and on Verizon Cable Channel 37 .

These programs are submitted by members of the Video Producers Club, who are Certified Video Producers. The Video Producers are volunteers, and not employees of SBTV-3.

Copies of the programs are available from Station Manager, Robin Fort-Lincke for a a fee, at or phone (562) 596-1404.

Club internet information is available

Karaoke St. Patricks
One hour of Irish songs by the Karaoke Club is introduced by Robert Barnum. Walt Bier and Margie Thompson, are the Music D.J.'s. Singers in order of appearance are: Ray Jarris, Joe Sabroso, Pete Tupas, Doris Edwards, Bill Hultquist, Ren Villanueva, Mila Cruz, Joe Mesner, Ellen Brannigan, Bess Haney, Bill Vickers, Janice Chapman, Walt Trent, Rick Hering, Bob Barnum, Soyla Chavez, Duke Dinsmore, Lee Rickerson and Vito Vilamor. Joe and Oralia Osuna are the camera operators, Joe is the Video Producer.

Doo Wop March Show
Joe Tuck and Frank Destra are the Master of Ceremonies in this one hour of musical entertainment from the past. Entertainers are: The Rhythm Rockers Band featuring Ben Berg on Piano, and Vocal soloist Vickie Van Ert. On Drums is Jay Clawson, with Steve Winder and “Dutch” Van K on guitars. Other performers are Audrey McKenzie, Joe Tucky, Carmen Edwards, Jeff and Martha Long, Mike Skinner, Frank Destra, Joe and Shirlene Chavez, Leeta Kessler, Vic Degrazia, Rosemary Freman, Lu DeSantis, and Gisele Karlinsky.

Joe and Oralia are the camera operators, Joe is the Video Producer.

Mike Levitt
Mike Levitt discusses his ten years of public service on the City of Seal Beach Council. He was twice, selected as the Mayor during his terms of public office. Joe Osuna is the host of “Around Leisure World”, a 30 minute program. Mike informs us on some of the issues that he dwelt with and his point of view on those matters. Joe and Oralia Osuna are the camera operators and Joe is the Video Producer.

Leisure World Bus Schedules
To help you learn how to use the buses in Leisure World, Grant Winford, bus supervisor, gives an instruction talk on the first Thursday of every month at 10 a.m. and again at 6 p.m. in Club House 3, room 3. For more help in acquiring knowledge of the bus system, there is now a video produced by Janice Laine for you to watch and learn. You can see this 16 minute video on your own computer at “” – search for “Using the bus in Leisure World.”
Bonnie Z. Cooper sponsored Janice Laine's submital to SBTV-3

Acting Class 101
The Producers Club presents “Acting Class 101” a 30 minute program featuring Producers Club actors. “Sam” Jones introduces the actors. The actors are, in order of performance: Peggy Airhart “Tululah”, Mary Halsey and Toby Richman “The Gazing Ball”, Linda Bolt “The Star Spangled Girl”, Sam Jones and Taylor White “The Church Ladies”. The remaining portion of the program features the actors sitting together back stage talking about the class mates. Camera operators are Joe and Oralia Osuna. Joe is the Video Producer.

Tommy Williams and the Suede Sole Dancers share the spotlight with Pianist Bert Carroll and Vocalist Judy Duvall, in this one hour of musical entertainment. Bonnie Z. Cooper is the Video Producer.

Country Western Dinner Dance
One hour of entertainment provided by the Theater Club members.
Country Western skits and songs for one hour of serious music and comedy. Joe and Shirlene Chaez with Margaret Humes are the Master of Ceremonie. See the “Buffalo Gals” dance and the strange and lovely “Can Can Dancers” and many others. Bonnie Z. Cooper is the Video Producer.

Expo 2015
A fifteen minute documentary on the Expo held at Clubhouse 4 on April 18, 2015. The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony starts the program. Meet some of the vendors and walk around the Expo 2015. Bonnie Z. Cooper is the video camera operator. Bonnie Z. Cooper and Joe Osuna are the co-video producers.

Chair Exercise
Nancy Wharton, instructor shows you how to exercise sitting down or using a chair for support in exercising your body in this one hour program. Video Producer is Joe Osuna

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Meeting was called to order at 9:04 AM by President Joseph Valentinetti.
 IN ATTENDANCE: Paul Basset (MAC), Bev Bender (MAC), Joseph Chavez, Alana Cohen (MAC) , Bonnie Cooper, Anna Derby, Robin Fort-Lincke (SBTV-3), Bill Frambach, Nancy Hayes, Richard Houck, Howard Jarvis, Janice Laine, Kate Pedigo, Joe Osuna, Oralia Osuna, John Robinson, Joseph Valentinetti, Ren Villanueva

 The February minutes was read by Nancy Hayes.

INSIDE LEISURE WORLD:-President Valentinetti, thanks to Joe Chavez for hosting last month’s guest Bill Frambach for his 90th birthday. “Apparently life begins at 90”. February 2015.

UNDER NEW BUSINESS President Valentinetti called for:

TREASURER’S REPORT: Joe Osuna -Nu Vision February balance is $1,382.74. Petty Cash $484.00, we did pay out, as the membership approved $300.00 March 16th for five (5) centennial bricks, Dues Collected: $10.00 from Bev balance is $1576.74.

President Valentinetti stated Ren Villanueva researched bricks and we cannot have a logo on them, just words. Exact wording is (1) Video (2) Producers Club (3) Established 1984.Eighteen word limit per line. John Robinson inquired as to the purpose of the bricks and the placement. There will be five locations, for brick placement. They are for the Seal Beach Centennial Celebration. One in Leisure World has to be voted on by the GRF.
President Valentinetti ask Joe Osuna to discuss lighting for the studio to buy cooler bulbs for less heat producing special bulbs will cost $300.00 (for three or four). Halogen bulbs and improper use of the bard doors on the lights have been responsible for four fires started in our studio. A need for better lights and better safety, he suggests, curly fluorescent. They provide wider field of light and are much cooler
He cautions us not to spend too much keeping in mind our holiday budget of $600.00. Lights will be in addition to what we have now.
Kate Pedigo cautions everyone about safety with floor wiring and using rubber strips.
President Valentinetti birthdays this month: Howard Jarvis April 2nd. Happy birthday Howard.

Inside Leisure World Joe Osuna guest for this month, Nancy Hayes and Marsha Sample from the Photographic Arts Club in LW
Crew for taping John Robinson, Dick Davies, Joe Osuna, Oralia Osuna, Joseph Valentinetti Rob Roy and Robin Fort-Lincke.SBTV-3 Studio is located at 201 E. 8th Street and Central in the old City Hall in Seal Beach, upstairs (Second floor) since 1985.
President Valentinetti asked Robin about certification the new members, she stated not April or May.

KIO’s (Keep It Open) Members Edit Bay Office from 10-12am for April.
Monday – 1st’ Monday Janice Laine, then Joe Osuna.
Tuesday – Paul Bassett
Wednesday – President Valentinetti
Thursday – Joseph Chavez except the 16th needs coverage
Friday – Kate Perdigo
 President Valentinetti welcomes new members: Alana Cohen and Bev Bender

Alana Cohen
Nancy Hayes – stressed the importance of the photographers to join the VPC. Her collection and The Photographic Arts Club display in the library at LW, “Fifty Years of Cameras” and to view a walk down memory lane.
Janice Laine has done a couple of video about the buses in LW. A copy will be in the Library and has more conversation from Grant for a new video of taking buses outside LW.
Orelia Osuna discusses the TV installed in the window using the cable channel Super wire on 24 hours a day
Bev Bender learning the camera and taping her 98 year old father Jerry Bender (swim club tour)
Joe Osuna complements Janice Laine on being one of the first people to tackle video production from scratch. Her video’s on YouTube, Super wire, and maybe SBTV-3 someday.
Nancy Hayes asked about a motion to purchase the new bulbs? President Vallintinetti asks for a motion. Motion made by Nancy Hayes and seconded Bonnie Cooper and Janice Lanie. Vote was approved majority ruled Approved by President Valentinetti.
Additional discussion on 5600k lights was also mentioned and we are still waiting for them to be put in where the vents are in the back of the studio.
John Robinson nothing
Paul Basset nothing
Bonnie Cooper is working on Cabaret program for tomorrow March 27 with Tommy Williams.
Bill Frambach nothing
Joseph Chavez MC for Country Western Show April 11th. Tickets are available at the Loft or call Sam Jones (Susan Jones). He will be Louisiana from April 15 to April 22
Ren Villanueva Tahiti video and a valentine party video at his home
Anna Derby working on Cabaret and Suede Sole Dancers co production March 27th .
Nancy Hayes are more videos cameras better for an event, yes but editing is a long tedious process many hours and costly. Different cameras may present color and video problems. Be sure to format your SD card for the camera your using not the computer. FAT32, NTFS different formats and it’s different for SBTV-3.
Richard Houck – is editing on a song for 87 years old who sang it forty years ago.
Howard Jarvis photo in the LW paper for hospitality. He purchased a new camera and donated the case to anyone.
Kate Pertigo received a card from Mary Apt in Virginia.
President Valentinetti challenged new members to shoot a 3 minute video by April 15th “something you like about LW.”
Robin Fort-Lincke discussed new equipment at SBTV-3 character generator. Sale on thumb drives at Best Buys.
President Joseph Valentinetti stated it would be good for us to video the placing of the bricks in the different locations

Meeting was adjourned by President Joseph Valentinetti at 10:10 AM.

Respectfully submitted by Nancy Hayes.

LEISURE WORLD VIDEO PRODUCERS CLUB MINUTES – Edit Bay Room Clubhouse 5 February 25, 2015

 Meeting was called to order at 9:05 AM by President Joseph Valentinetti.

 IN ATTENDANCE: Mary Apt, Paul Basset, Deanna Booher, Joseph Chavez, Bonnie Cooper, Anna Derby, Bill Frambach, Ann Frambach, Nancy Hayes, Richard Houck, Ray Jarris, Janice Laine, Ethel Lover, Darlene Mano, David Noble, Kate Pedigo, Micheal Oh, Joe Osuna, Oralia Osuna, Ren Villanueva, Jeff Riley, John Robinson, Do Tran, Joseph Valentinetti. (24)

 The February minutes was read by Nancy Hayes.

OLD BUSINESS: President Joseph Valentinetti thanks Joe Osuna for videotaping Inside Leisure World: Amateur Radio Club for Feb. Broadcast.
Joe Osuna brought up Age of Love movie that it was well attended and appropriate humor: Mary Apt is interviewing some who attended. Asked if they are interested in speed dating at LW?


TREASURER’S REPORT: Joe Osuna - NuVision Balance $1,382.74. Dues Received $220.00. Petty Cash $111.00. Ending total $1,713.74.

President No Birthdays in March

INSIDE LEISURE WORLD: – Joseph Chavez will be Hosting for ILW March 2015; guest will be Bill Frambach celebrating his 90th birthday along with his wife Ann Frambach. The following sign up for Inside Leisure World taping are Mary Apt, Joseph Chavez, Dick Davies, Joe Osuna, Rob Roy sound man, Richard & Sally Parker in Control room.

President Valentinetti introduces: VPC Presidents Report containing amount of videos produced the VPC in one year. It includes 96 productions, for a total of 50h13m. Averages 9.6 shows per month an average time of 5h1m

Members who will Keep It Open the Edit Bay Office from 10-12am for March are
Monday – Joe Osuna
Tuesday – Ray Jarris
Wednesday – President Valentinetti
Thursday – Joseph Chavez
Friday – Kate Perdigo


Kate Pedigo shared a lovely note she had received from Mary Apt.
Nancy Hayes delivered a message from Lynn Choy “Thanks everyone who participated in the very successful program “Age of Love” movie. Thanks Ren Villanueva for foods provided after movie and FAOW preparation and service.
Janice Laine completed her first session of taking the bus inside LW
Mary Apt video of Maine felt she did not have enough good pictures, next time. Remind all to do a better job of videotaping. Thank Steve for Video Review magazines


Joe Osuna announces Amy Walker Latin Club needs a videographer for potluck lunch and show March 6th. Also suggest to new people do small projects to start. VPC has produced 187 videos for SBTV3 second longest running video. Rob Roy is first place.

Robin Fort-Lincke Centennial information website:
David Noble singer entertainer will dance with Amy Walker at Latin Club March 6th.
Paul Bassett reminds Mary Apt ways to shoot pictures in Maine Video.
Bonnie Z reminds new people sign in, out and lock all three doors (includes the bathroom).
Richard Houck offers use of his DVD’s on storytelling from the Smithsonian.
Ren Villanueva said Joe help me downloaded and edited my video from Tahiti. And also recommended to GRF reshow Age of Love”
Joseph Chavez hosting ILW with Bill Frambach and videotaping the Corral March 24th
John Robinson family history
Bill Frambach takes pictures of members to send to members so we know people by name
Michael Oh has nothing.
Anna Derby advised VPC on proper placement of flyers around LW. Announces a new club and needs short video for Suede Sole Dancers. There show March 27th.

President Valentinetti thanks Steve Nichols for videotaping and Lynn Heath for interviewing the attendees after the Age of Love movie. We will be giving copy to the producer and the director of the movie. We, VPC, are mentioned as a sponsor.
Deanne Booher enjoyed movie and glad see everyone.
Jeff Riley discusses bill board restrictions and how to advertise for clubs.
David Noble discusses sound echoes and wireless microphone

Robin Fort-Lincke is besieged with broken equipment. Recommends hire a professional to do the things you can’t if you want your video perfect. Centennial for Seal Beach this year and she is back logged for VPC certification.

President Valentinetti Introduced a motion to the floor VPC to approve buy a brick or five for $300.00 to the 100 Year Seal Beach Celebration. This idea with further investigation was 2nd by Anna Derby for further study on cost and art work. Sub-Committee established for the bricks Ren Villanueva, Anna Derby Ray Jarris and Joseph Chavez.

Meeting was adjourned by President Valentinetti at 10:23 AM.

Respectfully submitted by Nancy Hayes, Member.