Tuesday, October 27, 2015



The meeting was called to order at 9:00
Members present: Joseph Valentinetti, Joseph Chavez, Richard Houck, Bob Slater, Kate Pedigo, Bonnie Z Cooper, John Robinson, Oralia Osuna, Joe Osuna, Paul Basset, Ilana Cohen, Loreen Christian  
Minutes:  The minutes were read and approved.

Treasurer:  The August treasurer’s report showed a balance of $1202.74 in the bank account and $23.08 in petty cash. Two new members paid their $10 membership, so we have an additional $20.
The Holiday Party will be held on November 2 in section A of Club House 4 at 11:30 to 1:30 byob.

New Business

Thanks to Joseph Chavez for his work as 2015 Vice President. He will no longer be available to accept a position on the board. 

Election for 2016 Officers:

Joseph Valentinetti was unopposed for president.  Joseph Valentinetti, President

Joe Osuna and Bonnie Z Cooper ran for Vice President. Slater moved to close nominations for Vice President. Houck seconded.  Motion carried.  Joe received the most votes.  Joe Osuna, Vice President

Janice Laine was unopposed and remains as secretary. Janice Laine, Secretary

Joe Osuna nominated Loreen Christian for treasurer and Valentinetti accepted the nomination. She was unopposed for treasurer. Loreen Christian, Treasurer

Bob Slater celebrated his birthday in November.

The hosts for “Inside Leisure World” 2015 were: January - Joe Osuna; February - Joseph Chavez; May - Joe Osuna; April - Bonnie Cooper; May – Joseph Valentinetti; June – Bob Slater; July – Ethel Lover; August – Bonnie Cooper; September – Joe Osuna; October – Joseph Chavez.

Approximately 95 video productions were completed in2015. These show up to a couple of times a day on SBTV 3 for a month. On Superwire they show for several months in some cases.

Our web site has had the following visitors: Today  3;  yesterday  3;  last month 278; all time history 9,677.  Since February 2013, that’s about 300 a month. Most watched video is Lucky John Nail into Head. The most views were in the United States, 5773; then Germany 440, Russia 331, Moldova 247, Turkey 185, France 181, Ukraine 114, Taiwan 63, Canada 59, ad Poland 50.

Every year the question of being paid to do videos or making money from your videos comes up. Our club’s interest is in making the movie. It is not to make money. The equipment provided by SBTV3 and the equipment from the Recreation department cannot be used as part of commercial endeavor.

Leisure World by-laws state that no one can use Leisure World facilities in a commercial endeavor. If someone did earn money on such an endeavor, Superwire would have to be paid before it would even consider showing it. SBTV3 would not even consider it.

There are three reasons someone would hire you to video: 1 – your talent; 2 – your membership in this club; 3 – you could get them on television. As such you cannot entice people to pay you because you are a member of this club or entice them to pay you because you can get them on television.

Robin Forte-Lincke spoke further on this subject.

Respectfully submitted,

Sunday, September 27, 2015

ILW 09.25.2015 New Certified Video Producers

Janice Laine

Michael Oh

Lorene Christian

Dee Harmon

Brian Harmon

Show host Joe Osuna

Camera one Ray Jarris

Standing left: Camera one Richard Parker

Standing right: Station Manager Robin Fort-Liincke

Titling: Sally Parker

Sound: Rob Roy

Saturday, August 29, 2015

ILW 08.2015

John Retterath 

Beth Retterath

Bonnie Cooper

Rob Roy

Sally Parker doing titles

Gui Baker and Richard Parker

John and Beth with Bonnie on the set

Janice Laine

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Stills from 06.26.2015 ILW

Sound man Rob Roy micing guest Darse Crandall

Bob Slater host for ILW 06.26.2015

Mary Apte

Oralia Osuna

John Robinson and Joe Osuna

Monday, June 1, 2015

Certificates or Merit for the first half of 2015

At this month’s meeting of the Video Producers Club some of our members were recognized for their efforts in producing media in 2015. They are:

Bonnie Z Cooper
Joe Osuna
Oralia Osuna
Paul Bassett
Steve Nichols
Janice Laine
Irene Cistaro
Bob Slater
Joseph Valentinetti
Joseph Chavez
John Robinson
Dick Davies
Rob Roy

Their certificates of merit are on display in the Video Producer’s Studio

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Inside Leisure World Productions Stills 05.29.2015

Don Hodel guest

Bob Slater

Richard Houck

James Komen guest

Richard and Sally Parker

Dick Davies

Rob Roy

Joseph Valentinetti