Thursday, January 30, 2014

New programs scheduled to show in February 2014 on local Time Warner Cable SBTV-3 at Channel 15.102 and Verizon Cable Channel 37 .

These programs are submitted by members of the Video Producers Club, who are Certified Video Producers. The Video Producers are volunteers, and not employees of SBTV-3.
Copies of the programs are available for $15 per DVD from Station Manager, Robin Fort-Lincke. You can contact her at or phone (562) 696-1404.
Club internet information is available at

Karaoke Holiday Party

One hour of singing entertainment by residents. Walt Bier and Margie Thompson are the Music Techs. Some of the highlights are Tommy Willams and Tina Schaffer, singing solos.
Joe Osuna is the video producer.

8th Annual Hui O Hula Holiday Party
One hour of musical entertainment with Hula Dancing, a Hawaiian Band playing live music, a Michael Jackson impersonator, Vaudville type stage shows, and lots of singing.
Camera operators are Joe and Oralia Osuna. Joe is the Video Producer

Barbershop Singing Club
Harmonizing and singing with out music is difficult but the Barbershop Singing Club are successful at the RV Club Holiday Party.
Joe Osuna is the Video Producer of this half hour program.

Baltimore Radio Show Jan 2, 2014
Guests are Mark Barnett and Susan Otsuki, who keep our host Dr. Marcia Baltimore busy with all the activites surrounding the guests. Mark talks about his "Open Forum" club and Susan about her book "Kitchenless Cooking". This half hour program is an internet radio show, captured on video by Video Producer Joe Osuna.

League of Women Voters Jan 9, 2014
Janeice McConnel, Action Chair, League of Women Voters discusses the League accomplishments with
radio host Marcia Baltimore on "Silver Moments". This
is a 44 minute radio show brought to you by Video Producer Joe Osuna.

Little Flower Guild
It’s Christmas 2013. The Leisure World Theater Club Dancers perform for the Little Flower Guild dancing, singing and the Hula right from Hawaii.
Barbara McIlhaney was the pianist. Joseph Chavez the video camera operator. Paul Bassett and Lynn R. Heath the video editors. Video Producer is Lynn R. Heath and Paul Bassett of the 23 minute program.
Lousie Guest, their teacher choreographed “Singing in the Rain”, “Baby it’s cold outside” and “Route 66”. The dancers: Terry Humphrey, Donna O’Keefe, Sandy Siemans, Meg Smith and Patty Carole. Terry Humphrey sang “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” and “Sweet Baby Jesus boy”. Donna O’Keefe danced to that traditional Hawaiian Christmas Hula, Mele Kalekimaka. This article by Lynn R. Heath.
Inside Leisure World

Bonnie Z. Cooper is the host of the 30 minute program. Guests are Anna Derby, President of the Sunshine Club and and Kuniko Okamoto . Kuniko will talk about a Language/Speech Therapy class available to residents.

George Washington
A short 1min 30 second video by Joseph Valentinetti