Saturday, November 16, 2013

LEISURE WORLD VIDEO PRODUCERS CLUB MINUTES – Edit Bay Room Clubhouse 5 October 24, 2013

MINUTES – Edit Bay Room Clubhouse 5
October 24, 2013

Meeting was called to order at 9 AM by President Joseph Valentinetti.

 IN ATTENDANCE: Mary Apt, Gui Baker, Paul Basset, Irene Cistaro, Chuck Burnett, Joseph Chavez, Bonnie Cooper, Dick Davis, Lynn Heath, Joe Osuna, Kate Pedigo, Doc Tran, Joseph Valentinetti, and Howard Jarius (14). Guest is Ethel Lover.

 The September minutes was read by Gui

NuVision bank statement dated 9-30-13                                   $478.00
Deposited $5 check from Marcia Baltimore 10-16-13                   5.00
Petty Cash on hand                                                                      198.00
Received 2014 dues from Paul Bassett and Kate Pedigo              20.00 
Oct. 15, 2013   Total………………………………………………….    $701.00

INSIDE LEISURE WORLD – there won’t be hosting at SBTV3 because they are fixing the road there

President Joseph V - that a sign-up sheet to host for 2014 is going around. He is encouraging different people to host so we can have more people viewing the show and spread it around. He will help any new comer.

President Joseph V greets anybody who has their birthday for the month of October.

The Edit Bay Room will be by appointment during the holidays from November 25, 2013 – January 6, 2014.
There will be no regular hours, by appointment only.

Pres Joseph V reminds us that the Christmas party will be shown on December. The party is on November 2 at Clubhouse 4 Room A at 11:30am, bring your own drinks.  The club will cover the catering. He just need a head count. No administrative employees were invited for the reason this Christmas party is being held on Saturday. Paul suggested toinvite Terry Ott.
Pure Joy will perform the Jingle Bell Rock.
Marine were not invited anymore because they didn’t show up for the last two years.
Boxes for Toys for Tots are at the main gate. Anybody who wants to donate can place it there.

Members who would man the Edit Bay Office from 10-12am for October are
Monday – Joe Osuna
Tuesday – Bonnie
Wednesday – Joseph V
Thursday – Irene Cistaro
Friday – Paul B
Paul Basset also would like to see who can man on November. December will be dark.

Officers for 2014 are
President – Joseph Valentinetti
Vice-President – Bonnie Cooper
Secretary – Gui Baker
Treasurer & Publicity – Joe Osuna


Mary Apt will cover the Korean concert on Saturday. She is leaving town on November 9.
Gui – Many thanks to Joe Osuna for taking over doing the MCC project.

Joseph V introduced the new guest who has been hosting her own show - Ethel Lover.
Paul – will teach Mac Maverick to those who are interested.

Ren Villanueva presented our club a donation of $150.00 for video taping the MCC
Plus the Video Producer Club is in the inside back cover of the souvenir.

Meeting was adjourned by President Joseph Valentinetti at 9:40 AM.
Respectfully submitted by Gui Baker, Member.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

New programs scheduled to show in November 2013 on local Time Warner Cable Channel SBTV-3, or 15.102 and Verizon Cable Channel 37 .

Joe Osuna's profile photo
Joe Osuna, Press Secretary

New programs scheduled to show in November 2013 on local
Time Warner Cable Channel SBTV-3, or 15.102 and Verizon
Cable Channel 37 .

These programs are submitted by members of the Video
Producers Club, who are Certified Video Producers. The Video
Producers are volunteers, and not employees of SBTV-3.

Copies of the programs are available for $15 per DVD from
Station Manager, Robin Fort-Lincke. You can contact her at or phone (562) 696-1404.

Club internet information is available at

Stroke Therapy
Angela Sandfort, RPT, CCCE of the Los Alamitos Medical
Center discusses “Physical Therapy and Stroke” in an ongoing
series “Matters of the Heart”, being held our Health Care Center
Conference Room. She talks about the benefits of Physical
Therapy for Stroke Patients. This is a half hour informative health
lecture.  Joe Osuna is the Video Producer.

Kalohes Sing

The Hui O Hula hosted “A Tropical Evening” the Kalohes Trio
band at their fall party. Kaye Huff shares  the Master of
Ceremonies with Patti Endly. “Jojo” says the words of the
Hawaiian songs as the  Hui O Hula dancers displayed their
talented dancing. Band members are Max Komine, Manny Lagod,
and Alan Lee  Joe Osuna is the Video Producer of this one hour

Tropical Night Dancers

Kaye Huff starts as the Master of Ceremonies. Yost Yishi, Susan
Cucci and  Patti Endly introduce the Hawaiian songs you are about
to see the Hui O Hula in action. Michael Harada sings Hawaiian
Songs. Jojo is the song interpreter. 

One of the crowd favorites is “Swinging Hula Girls”. This is a 30
minute program. Joe Osuna is the Video Producer

Choir Singers
Holy Family Catholic Church Choir performs for you in this 30
minute presentation narrated by Joyce Vlaic. Carol Robinson plays
the organ. Soloists are Leila Claudio and Vito Villamore.

Choir members are: Gui Baker, Chuck and Diane Burnett, Leila
Claudio, Reddy Deguzman, Lilia Gaerlan, Gil and Lita Javier ,Julia
Nolod, Felipa Pellicer,  Margie Thompson, Esperanza ‘Ching’
Salud, Dove Sonza, Fortunato Revilla Jr., Vito Villamor, and Phil
Vlaic. Joe Osuna is the Video Producer.

Terry Otte’s “Abilene” band performs in this one hour program.
Tina Schaffer is the female soloist, some of her songs include
“Boot Scootin’ Boogie”.  Band members are Terry Otte-Male
Soloist with Guitar, Rod Anderson-Lead Guitar, Harry Reichman-
Base Guitar, and  Robert Salampessy –Drummer.
Some of the audience are shown dancing. Joe Osuna is the Video

Traffic Safety
Seal Beach Police Corporal Michael Henderson gives us tips on
Bicycle, Vehicles and Pedestrian safety. SBPD Chief Stilinovich
introduces Jamie Guerrero, Chief of Patrols and Gates. Cpl.
Henderson discusses in detail, defensive driving and Safety
strategies.  Joe Osuna is the Video Producer of the 30 minute

The October 9 Karaoke Club one hour session presents many
resident singing songs. Walt Bier is the Master of Ceremonies.
Margie Thompson is the music DJ. The following singers are
featured: Ray Jarris, Joe Sabroso, Pete Tupas, Victor Visaya, Larry
Portugal, Luz Contreras, Bill Vickers, Rick Reynado, Jerry Tester,
Shalla Callahan, Bob Smallwood, Bob Barnum, Harold Hughes,
and Byong Choi.
Joe Osuna is the camera operator and Video Producer.

Multicultural Festival Ending
The closing one hour of the Multicultural Biennial Festival
entertainment at Clubhouse 2 is captured for all to enjoy. Each
Leisure World club sponsored a 15 minute segment of
The Hui O Hula ladies with their graceful hula dancing, where lead
by energetic Jojo. The Korean American Club sponsored a young
people Korean Drum and Instruments band. The Cabaret
Entertainers featured handsome male crooners Johnny Vanek, Ric
Dizon and “Fransua” performing solos. The Ad Hoc Chorus sang
“It’s a Wonderful World” assisted by the Hui O Hula ladies. Ellen
Brannigan and Ren Villanueva did the closing remarks.

Video Producer is Joe Osuna, the program is 45 minutes.

Goldentones Band
The “Goldentones” Band is lead by Carol Robinson. The band as
formerly known as the “No Name Band”. Featured singers in the
one hour program are Carmen Edwards, Terry Humphrey and
Anita Ragole. Band members are Dave Locy,  Barbara McIlhaney,
Bill Morgan, Dianna Neal, Gary Rittner. 
The Band performed at the Sunday Night Dinner & Dance Club.
Camera operators are Joseph Chavez and Joe Osuna. Joe Osuna is
the Video Producer.

Multicultural Festival Morning
This short video covers the morning activities video film and
photographs of Michael Oh.  Michael covered lots of lobby and
outside activities with still photography. Also shown is the video of
Terry Humphrey singing on behalf of the Sunday Night Ballroom
club. Hank Barto on piano is plays for Audrey McKensey of the
Brittania Club.  Video editor is Joe Osuna.

Multicultural Festival Entertainment
Mary Apte is the video producer of the two half hour programs
featuring many club entertainers at the Multicultural Festival.
The first half hour includes the opening remarks by Multicultural
Council President, Ren Villanueva. The invocation is by Rev.
James Oliver, President of the Religious Council.  The Keynote
speaker is Randy Ankeny, GRF Executive Director.

The following clubs are included: India Group, Theater Club, Let
the Good Times Roll Club, Nikkei Club, Cloggers, Sing-a-Long
Club, Filipino Association of Leisure World, Pure Joy Dance Club,
Italian-American Club and Hui O Hula Club.