Wednesday, October 16, 2013

LEISURE WORLD VIDEO PRODUCERS CLUB MINUTES – Ebay Room Clubhouse 5 September 26, 2013

MINUTES – Ebay Room Clubhouse 5
September 26, 2013

Meeting was called to order at 9 AM by President Joseph Valentinetti.

 IN ATTENDANCE: Mary Apt, Gui Baker, Paul Basset, Irene Cisrenos, Chuck Burnett, Joseph Chavez, Bonnie Cooper, Dick Davis, Ana Derby, Michael Oh, Joe Osuna, Kate Pedigo, Joseph Valentinetti, and Howard Jarius (14)

 The August minutes was read by Gui

TREASURER’S REPORT: Joe Osuna - $661.20

INSIDE LEISURE WORLD – Hosting September will be Bonnie Cooper guests are Barbara Houck with Scrapebooking Club and Kay Fluharty with the Genealogy Club. They both had signed the release form.
Volunteers are Mary Apt, Joseph Chavez, Dick Davies, Joe Osuna, Rob Roy – sound man, Richard & Sally Parker in Control room.
Bonnie Cooper will pick up the parking passes at city hall at 1:00pm

Pres Joseph V introduced the Leisure World website through the projector. Shows step by step what’s available. Video Producer Club will be found under Hobby and Sport; it shows our green room, video space. It also shows the calendar on what we are doing daily in our Edit Bay room.  There is You Tube to choose here. It shows what we are up to and what we are capable to do.

Members who would man the Edit Bay Office from 10-12am for October are
Monday – Joe Osuna
Tuesday – Bonnie
Wednesday – Joseph V
Thursday – Irene Cisneros
Friday – Paul B
Paul Basset also would like to see who can man on November. December will be dark.

Pres Joseph V remind us that we will have the Christmas party on November ?? and it will shown on December.  Suggest that we should just cater, majority voted to do so. Price could be between $7-10.

Joe Osuna - The Video Producers Club now have the use of 2 new video cameras. This is the newer version of the G-10 model, it is the Canon Vixia HF G20. The G20 improvements are better low light gathering and less weight. Other than that, they are basically the same.
and some accessories for the video cameras, such as tripods, bags, memory cards for the use of the Certified Video Producers of the Leisure World Video Producers Club.
These cameras belong to the Seal Beach Cable Communications Foundation.
Here are the people authorized so far, to use the Canon Vixia HF G20 they were instructed on the "automatic mode" use of the camcorder. Also covered in class the transfer of the video memory in the camcorder onto the computers. Incidentally, the Camcorders video memory transferred well onto the Mac laptop computer...Paul and Mary tested it.
We also covered the use of the new tripods
Authorized users, to date are:  Mary Apte, Gui Baker, Paul Bassett, Irene Cistaro
Bonnie Cooper.

Pres Joseph V – remind everybody that any folder where you store your video will be deleted after 60 days in the computer. Suggest that we store it in memory stick after finishing the project..

??? how much is the donation – expense – 5 minutes video $25 – 11 votes.


Joe Osuna will shoot Terry Ott on Saturday and Tommy William on October 10 for the Mutual 2 fundraising. And wait..there is more...we have a new club member Ms Marcia Baltimore who is the host of an internet radio station talk show.

Pres Joseph V – will have the play Red Feather on October 3 with cater food – cost $25.00

Mary Apt – October 12, will be the Multi-Cultural Festival on Clubhouse 2 shows will be split up morning 9-12 and afternoon 1-3.
Need video producer for 9-12 and 1-3 this is a community event. There are foyer, exhibit, food court. Editing the show to 1 hour or 2 programs. Performance on stage with 20 minutes each.
Irene Cisnero volunteer to help in the morning. Joe O is working that day but will cover the last hour in the afternoon.

Ana Derby – that she just confirmed with Ren that the Video Producer will have an ad in the Multi-Cultural souvenir program.

Irene C – is finishing up her project.

Kate Perdigo – would like to have the VHS transfer to DVD for the library – only the first video produced by the producers. Such as Mary A – Kate P – Joe O – Bob Slate – Chuck Burnett – Joseph V. And disposed of the others.

Joseph Chavez – just got back from Salt Lake, Utah attend the 50th Reunion. Watch the Tabernacle Choir – check on genecology Society – find out about great grand mother on mother side who is from cotton wood v-shape opening – it was gorgeous.

Paul B – taking names who can man the Ebay Room for October and November.

Bonnie – will get more information in regards to Earthquake. She will reserve the studio for the  interview with Eloy Gomez and Destra.

Meeting was adjourned by President Joseph Valentinetti at 10:00 AM.
Respectfully submitted by Gui Baker, Member.