Monday, September 30, 2013

Taping Inside Leisure World for October 2013 Broadcast

Rob Roy beginning set up of the bare studio

Robin Forte-Lincke setting the lights

Camera 3

Camera 3

Robin Forte-Lincke set the light gels

Rob Roy disbursing the mic cables

Part of the light grid

A wider view of the light grid and studio

Richard Parker (sound engineer) and Rob Roy `sitting in' for light check

Sally Parker joins them

Cameras lined up for light balancing against the test grid pattern (center)

Host Bonnie Cooper and Guests
Genealogy Club-         Kay Fluharty
Scrapbooking Club-    Barbara Houck

Camera 2 Set-up (wide) view

Genealogy Club-         Kay Fluharty
Scrapbooking Club-    Barbara Houck
Camera 3 Set-up (wide) view

Camera 1 Set-up (wide) view

Floor Directors View

Sunday, September 22, 2013

LEISURE WORLD VIDEO PRODUCERS CLUB MINUTES – Edit bay Room Clubhouse 5 August 22, 2013

MINUTES – Edit bay Room Clubhouse 5
August 22, 2013

Meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Joseph Valentinetti.

 IN ATTENDANCE: Mary Apt, Gui Baker, Paul Basset, Irene Cisrenos, Chuck Burnett, Joseph Chavez, Bonnie Cooper, Dick Davis, Bill Frambach, Ray Jarris, Michael Oh, Joe Osuna, Kate Pedigo, Bob Slater, Joseph Valentinetti, (13)

 The July minutes was read by Bonnie Cooper

TREASURER’S REPORT: Joe Osuna – account  $661.20

INSIDE LEISURE WORLD – Hosting August will be Mary Apt, guests are Renato Villanueva, President of MCC and Ana Derby. Michael Oh will be there as Host audience. Volunteers are Bill Frambach, Joseph Chavez, Dick Davis, Chuck Burnett and Bob Slater, Joe Osuna, Oralia Osuna,
Joseph V  – will pick up the parking passes at city hall at 1”30pm

Members who would man the Edit Bay Office from 10-12am for September are
Monday – Joe Osuna – Closed on holiday
Tuesday – Bonnie Tuesday
Wednesday – Joseph V
Thursday – Joseph Chavez
Friday – Paul B

Mary Apt – just got back from New York, busy time with the baby. The son family stay on 3rd & 4th floor apartment. It takes 50 steps to go up the apartment. (Banners to haul? River) have a good time.
Mary Apt – Library – will File ahead?

Michael Oh – was gone for 2 months to Vancouver, his house is in the market for sale. Has a daughter in Seattle, took the bus tour, He was impressed that the same bus would also go into the lake like a boat.

Bob Slater – (1) so far none for September – possibility Michael Levitt
(2) September 24th – choral – need somebody to shoot – Mary Apt volunteer for 2nd camera
(3) Bob will Shoot Hank

Bill Frambach – Crane – recommends 2 rods – put one camera on one and raise it up – that way you won’t be taking people’s head. It will cost $200.00. For $25.00, one can buy a devise that control from the bottom.  Per Robin – the bad part - you could bump into it, fall and somebody would get hurt, it is risky, clumsy people could knock it down.

Irene and Kate are putting together a project, information about the book. Joe Osuna will be available to help them on Wednesday.

Bonnie Cooper – brought up the Mission Statement – which is in the By-Laws. Suggest to put it in the newspaper, or talk to different club – to make them aware and hopefully join us. Tell them what we do and we do not provide services.

Joseph V – emphasize that we are all volunteers and we are not obligated. His motto is “I don’t want to do it – you can’t make me”

Kate P – compliment Joseph V for improving the room, no more cords on the floor and
making it safe for everybody.

Joseph Chavez – said the green screen wall is great – said that there is only one volunteer that show up painting – Bob Fritz. The Phil-Am party was great. Joe & Shirlene will be gone Sept 6 – 23rd  to Utah for family get together and High School reunion.

John ? request to see Video Producer’s by Laws.

Joseph V – The Majority of the members voted to raise the dues from $5 to $10 starting January 2014.

Robin – will conduct classes on Wednesday in October (9 – 16 – 23- 30)
For those of you who were not at the general meeting of the Video Producers Club, Robin informed us of the potential start up of the Certified Video Producers class to be Wednesday October 9, 2013.  She mentioned the class could start at 1pm and could last 3 hours each session. One session per week for up to four weeks, depending on her assessment of the class needs.
Please contact her, to let her know, of your attendance and any further information.  She needs to know who is going to attend .
Robin's  email address is
Robin's  office phone is (562) 596-1404
Regards Joe Osuna
The newest paid up member of the video producers club is Deana Booher aka Queen Kong ( per her business card ).
Her email is
Her website is
Joe Osuna
Meeting was adjourned by President Joseph Valentinetti at 10:10 AM.

Respectfully submitted by Gui Baker, Member.

Sent: Monday, August 19, 2013 1:18 PM
Subject: thanks to all green screen paint the wall volunteers, especially to the one that showed up
Thanks to all the volunteers who signed up to paint the "green screen wall",....... especially to the only one that showed up Bob Fritz was the only one who showed up to paint the wall, so the "Green Paint Brush" award goes to Bob Fritz
Joe Osuna

From: gui baker <>To: Joe Seal Beach Leisure World Osuna <> Sent: Sunday, August 18, 2013 9:31 PMSubject: Re: class schedule on Power Director for remainder of august month

In as much as I want to take the class tomorrow. some family matters came up and needed my attention.
So I won't be able to make it. Its my loss. I will miss the class. Thanks for taking the time teaching us.

From: Robin Fort-Lincke
Sent: Tuesday, August 20, 2013 11:01 AMSubject: Re: WAVE AwardsGood Morning!
In case anyone is interested, the WAVE deadline was extended this am to next Monday, Aug. 26th at 8pm.  If you are interested and/or have questions, please email me.
Thank you, kindly, and have a great day!
On Fri, Aug 9, 2013 at 5:06 PM, Robin Fort-Lincke <> wrote:
Hello All,
I just realized that when I couldn't get to the clubhouse for that last LWVPC meeting, I completely forgot to mention the WAVE award deadline.  The deadline for entries is Monday, August 19th.  10 days away.  My apologies for not remembering to announce it!
 If you plan on entering, the board will reimburse you the entry fee of $25 for one program.  You will need to upload it to either YouTube, Vimeo, Internet Archive or any other site you may host videos on.  You just have to provide the link in your online order submission form to wherever it is hosted at.  
 The information to submit an entry is located here.

From: Joe Seal Beach Leisure World Osuna
Sent: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 4:33 AM
Subject: Apple computer I Mac now has fire wire cables to down load mini dv cassett video cameras
Paul Bassett has purchased for the video producers club fire wire cables to use with the Apple Computer the I-Mac. This will allow the mini dv cassette camcorders to transfer the video-audio into the I Mac. Once in the I Mac you have the option of editing the video using the I Mac editing program or transferring the video into your personal  USB memory stick and taking the memory stick to another Microsoft type PC for editing 
Joe Osuna

Vixia HF G20 – June 18, 2013
Last night the SBTV-3 board approved purchase of two canon Vixia HF G20 video cameras and some accessories for the video cameras, such as tripods, bags, memory cards for the use of the Certified Video Producers of the Leisure World Video Producers Club

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Taping of September Inside Leisure World: The Multicultural Club

Producer Robin Forte-Lincke and Richard Parker in the control room
Anna Derby and Ren (Renato) Villanueva
Anna Derby and Ren (Renato) Villanueva
Anna Derby and Ren (Renato) Villanueva
Host Mary Apt
Rob Roy, sound man, Micing the host
Joseph Chavez, camerman
Audience members Shirlene Chavez and Michael Oh
Joe Osuna, Rob Roy and guests

Shot showing back of camera and what the camera sees