Monday, February 11, 2013

New Judges Shows Announcement

The latest series of "The Judges" featuring Theater Club actors filmed Friday
February 8, 2013 is now showing every day on the Superwire Channel some time between
4pm to 5pm .  This particular show is scheduled to be televised in March on SBTV-3. 

Judges in this series are Howard Bleakley, Lorene Christian, Shirley Ranaldi, and Carol Robinson.
Witnesses, Plaintiffs and Defendants include Lou Joseph and Terry Humphrey.

If you want to be part of the "Judges" series contact the two team leaders Shirley Ranaldi or Carol Robinson.
They can always use Plaintiffs, Defendants, Witnesses or newscaster reporters. 

Or you can form your own Judge team of actors. 

So far, we are shooting a new series, once a month.

New Judge Shows Coming

Here Comes the Judges for March will feature Howard Bleakley, Lorene Christian, Shirley Ranaldi, and Carol Robinson. Plaintiffs, Defendants, and witnesses include Terry Humphrey, Lou Joseph, and Lillian Loring,

Cases being presented are: "Slap the Pizza Silly", "the Masked Intruder", "Who Has the Keys?" and "Party Girls".

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Feb 2013 Video Producers Shows

Feb 2013 Video Producers Shows
 Article by Joe Osuna
LW contributor

The Leisure World Video Producers Club meets at 9 a.m. the
fourth Thursday of each month in the Edit Bay in Clubhouse 5. Club
members, who are certified video producers, provide informational
and entertainment programs to SBTVs public access station Channel
3. Copies of the programs are available for $15 per DVD from
SBTV Station Manager Robin Fort-Lincke. For more information,
contact her at or phone (562) 696-1404. For
more information on the Video Producers Club, log on to LWVPC.
The following is a partial list of new shows scheduled for February
on local Time Warner Cable Channel SBTV-3 and Verizon
Cable Channel 37:
Karaoke Club New Year
The Karaoke Club presents one hour of singing. Ellen Brannigan
is the master of ceremonies. Ric Dizon the music deejay. Singers are
(in order of performance): Ellen Brannigan, Ray Jarris, Peter Tupas,
Tino Tupas, Joe Sabroso, Walter Trent, Ray Barnum, Audrey McKenzie,
Clay Bryant, Flo Godbold, Wayne Urban, Ren Villanueva, Luz
Contreras, Larry Portugal, Rick Renado, David Noble, and Carmen
Edwards. Joe Osuna is the video producer.
Hui O Hula Party
Kaye and Owen Huff are the masters of ceremony. Jojo
No’eaukalehua Weingart, hula instructor, introduces the Hui O Hula
dancers. Entertainers are Fransua Francoeur, Audrey McKenzie, Bob
and Galit Slater, Frank Destra, Carmen Edwards, Johnny Vanek, Ben
Berg, Filipino Association of LW dancers, Pure Joy dancers and Ric
Dizon. Video producer is Joe Osuna.
•Filipino Association Party
This half hour of dancing with music is hosted by the Filipino
Association of Leisure World. Ric Dizon starts the evening with
songs. Video producer is Joe Osuna.
Garden Party
The annual Garden Club holiday party is featured in this half-hour
program with vice presidents Gail Levitt and Christine Barnes and
President Maria Giegerich at the podium. Check out the Nutcrackerthemed
table center pieces. Video producer is Joe Osuna.
Walker and Friends Show
Wolfgang Lamberti produces and directs an hour long holiday
show, featuring festivities as celebrated in other countries. Amy
Walker and Wolfgang perform several dances. Singers are Marianna
Bogenrieff, Ray Calloway, Carmen Edwards, Terry Humphrey, Audrey
McKenzie, and David Noble. Piano players are Carol Robinson
and Margie St Clair. Manolito Jeremillo plays the guitar and is the
accompanist for David Noble. The No Name Band performs, and
Alex Walker, son of Amy, makes a surprise appearance. Joe and
Oralia Osuna are the camera operators. Joe is the video producer.
Here Come the Judges
This is a spoof on TV courtroom shows. The LW version features
guest judges grilling a plaintiff and defendants, with a surprise
ending. Actors are Howard Bleakley, Bonnie Zelda Cooper, Lorene
Christian, Lillian Loring, Shirley Ranaldi, Carol Robinson, Tillie
Stiehr and Phil Vlaic. Joe Osuna is the video producer.
Beyond the Battle Line
Luke Kim, MD, PhD, hosts a book signing of his book “Beyond
the Battle Line.” The program features a book review and Dr. Kim’s
personal recollections of his experience during the Korean War. Mary
Apte produced the 20-minute program.
Karangturi Choir
A July performance featuring 51 children from Indonesia who
had participated in the World Choir Games competition. The sponsors
were Sunshine Club, Filipino Association of Leisure World,
The Multicultural Club and the Indonesian Club. The enthusiasm of
youth shone through the varied performance, which included ancient
religious songs and the music of African spirituals, jazz and folk.
Mary Apte is the video producer.
Inside Leisure World
Frank and Martha Destra, and Donna O’Keefe and Lou Krieger
were featured in a Valentine’s Day program taped at the SBTV-3
studio Jan. 25. Thanks to John’s Philly Grille Restaurant on PCH in
Seal Beach for the refreshments for the cast and crew. Bonnie Cooper
is the host of this half hour program. This is a Video Producers Club
presentation. Executive producer is Robin Fort-Linke.
—Jojo Weingart, photo
GRF Weekly Dance

Judge Shirley with Here Comes The Judge

Here Comes The Judge with Judge Shirley

Friday, February 1, 2013

Now Showing: 02.01.2013 Here Comes The Judge

The "Here Comes the Judge" show
video filmed at the Video Producers Club edit bay studio
is scheduled to show on SBTV-3.  It is a "spoof" of the
popular tv program "Judge Judy "

Monday      Feb 4 at 5pm
Wednesday Feb 6 at 4:30pm

It features:
Howard Bleakley
Lorene Christian
Bonnie Zelda Cooper
Lillian Loring
Shirley Randaldi
Carol Robinson
Tillie Stiehr
Phil Vlaic

It is also currently showing daily on the Time Warner "Superwire Channel"
between 5 pm to 6pm