Friday, March 23, 2018


NUTES - THE VIDEO PRODUCERS CLUB March 22, 2018 MEMBERS PRESENT:​ Joseph Valentinetti, Joe Osuna, Oralia Osuna, Lorene Christan, Anna Derby, Michael Oh, Richard Houck, Barbara Houck, Bonnie Z Cooper, Ren Villaneueva, Mary Apte, Beverley Bender, Bill Holden, Bob Groncki, Jim Mulcahy, Mara Williams, Janice Laine, Robin Forte-Lincke. MINUTES:​ Members are requested to peruse the minutes on our website and suggest errors/omissions. Joe Osuna moved to accept the minutes as written. Beverley Bender seconded the motion. Unanimously approved. TREASURER​: The beginning balance was $2126.42. Petty cash was $100 less $6 for cookies, plus $10 dues received ending with a balance of $104. Bill Holden moved to accept the report and Beverley Bender seconded. Unanimously approved. BIRTHDAYS: ​No birthdays were reported. NEW BUSINESS:​ Richard Houck volunteered his equipment and his time to teach residents how to convert their audio cassettes to discs. Valentinetti sent an email to all members showing them the new equipment he wanted to buy for the club. He suggested three sets of camera rigs with mounted mic and interview/fill lights. Joe Osuna moved and Bill Holden seconded to approve this purchase. Unanimously accepted. Additionally, Valentinetti requested that the club purchase new AA and AAA batteries from petty cash. The VPC has produced 11 promos for the Leisure World clubs which are being shown on Superwire, SBTV3, and youtube. Also, these promos have been submitted to the Leisure World web site and can be seen there. More promos are being made. Lorene will be leaving to live in Hawaii for several months and asked for someone to take over her duties as treasurer and coffee person. Richard and Barbara Houck volunteered to accept these responsibilities. ROUND TABLE​: Mary Apte​ completed the April Inside Leisure World featuring Ken Reddy with “Art from India.” She learned many ways to improve her next show including whether to use the green screen or to use “studio 2” for her next project. Janice Laine produced this video. Mary also assisted Joe Osuna on the Easter Egg show at the library. Bonnie Z Cooper ​had several of her projects fall through; however, she industriously set to work videoing the Braille Institute’s work with the Leisure World Hearing and Vision Impaired group. Additionally, Bonnie is producing video for the Leisure World Genealogy group. Bonnie has completed promos for four Leisure World clubs. Joe Osuna​ videoed the Easter Egg contest with Mary Apte and Bill Holden. He reported on the importance of having a second camera to fall back on if necessary. Joe will cover bestselling author, J. A. Jance. He has figured out how to display her image on two televisions in the room while she is being interviewed. Bill Holden​ worked with Joe Osuna on the Easter Egg contest using three cameras. Bill is excellent at interviewing and captured some very interesting discussions. Jim Mucahy​ has been on vacation but is happy to be back. Mara Williams​ is willing to assist. Oralia Osuna​ was second camera for Community Sing, St. Patrick’s GRF dinner dance, and for the Irish Celtic band. Bob Groncki​ made a promo for the VPC that is being shown on Superwire, SBTV3, youtube, and the LW web site. He is working on show about the new LW security/parking enforcement laws. Michael Oh​ completed four projects last month, but is only working on one this month - the American Legion Fashion Show. Ren Villaneueva​ offered to check with some clubs about making promos for them. Barbara Houck​ took cameras to genealogy meeting but had some problems. She will edit what she has. She volunteered to help with treasurer and coffee tasks. Richard Houck​ gave kudos to Paul Bassett for helping him get the equipment to work. Radio club is happy with their promo. He volunteered to help with treasurer and coffee tasks. Beverley Bender ​ completed a promo on “Laugh for the Health of It.” Anna Derby​ thanks Paul and Michael and Richard. Thanks to Joe for helping break their video into two parts. Will be second camera for the American Legion Fashion Show. Had a problem with someone falling off the riser so now there needs to be a barrier around the risers for the cameras. Anna will help with the cameras for the Rocking Chair show. Janice Laine​ completed a promo for Beverley Bender’s “Laugh for the Health of It.” Also, she finished a promo for “The Rocking Chairs” event. Janice produced Mary Apte’s Inside Leisure World. Robin Forte-Lincke ​commended the VPC for all the work we do. She suggested that we make a little check list to be sure we correct any mistakes we might have made. She said to be sure the plate is on the tripod as several people had forgotten and the plates got lost. To create barriers to keep people out, she reported that at the TV station they rigged up VPC pipe to chain off the area. Respectfully submitted, Janice Laine, Secretary