Sunday, January 28, 2018


MEMBERS PRESENT: Joseph Valentinetti, Joe Osuna, Oralia Osuna, Lorene Christian, Anna Derby, Michael Oh, Irene Cistaro, Beverley Bender, Richard Houck, Bob Gronki, Bonnie Z Cooper, Shirlene Chavez, Joseph Chavez, Mary Apte, Mara Williams. Two guest also attended: Tommy Williams and Ruth Long.
MINUTES:  Members are requested to peruse the minutes on our website and suggest errors/omissions. Richard Houck moved to accept the minutes as written. Joe Osuna seconded the motion. Unanimously approved.
TREASURER: The beginning balance was $1704.14.Petty cash balance was $45.  Jewish Women’s Club donation of $75; plus Cabaret Entertainers donation of $300.
BIRTHDAYS:  Joseph Chavez, Shirlene Chavez, Mara Williams, Mary Apte, and Richard Houck had their birthdays acknowledged.
NEW BUSINESS: There is ongoing discussion in regards to our lease with GRF concerning the disclaimer. However, they did collect our rent reimbursement of $1 so we are paid through the year.
A proposal on how to get VPC more involved with the community, and visa versa, was presented. The VPC will volunteer to make promos with the 200 plus clubs in Leisure World. The promos will be 1 to 5 minute long and will show who, what, when, where, why and how their clubs operate. The VPC will provide the expertise to make these promos newsworthy. The promos would be shown on Superwire, SBTV3, youtube, and on the Leisure World website. Current residents and also to prospective buyers will benefit from them. Janice Laine, Mary Apte, Irene Cistaro and Beverley Bender will form a committee to work out the organization of this concept.
Joseph Valentinetti showed a device for holding a cell phone that contains a microphone and a spot light. The device allows the videographer to film with a steady hand without a cumbersome tripod.
ROUND TABLE: Mary Apte returned from vacation and is now starting to get active. She is completing a project she started some time ago.
Michael Oh was on vacation and took some interesting video of chopping down a bunch of bananas.
Joseph Chavez is in the theater production on 2/1/18. He is looking at getting a micro drone.
Shirlene Chavez made a slideshow with help from Joe Osuna.
Mara Williams made a Christmas greeting that was shown on Superwire.
Bonnie Z Cooper finished a memorial video and is now working on two projects: 1 – how to live frugally and 2 – about living with a loss. She volunteered to do March ILW.
Bob Gronki will be do one of his series “Voices . . .” in February. He will do a promo for the VPC using the green screen.
Lorene Christian is busy collecting the dues for our club.
Beverley Bender is busy decorating her house. She is available to crew.
Richard Houck is still working on 2 videos. He has been 2nd camera at Cabaret.
Joe Osuna helped the Jewish Women’s League with their video. Mary assisted him burning DVDs. Joe collected Margie Thompson’s dues and donation of DVD cases. Talked to Robin Forte-Lincke who was unable to attend. Announced he received 2 SBTV3 programs from Michael Oh. Reported on Paul Bassett’s health. Announced the members who earned producers’ certificates: Beverly Bender, Bob Groncki, Richard Houck, Mara Williams, Helen Tang, Tommy Wu.
Oralia Osuna helped Joe on his many events.
Irene Cistaro has completed some videos on her tablet and had many problems editing. She working on a garden project.
Anna Derby was 2nd camera for Michael Oh on Cabaret video. She has a private party in February and will assist on Cabaret’s 2/20 show. Took lots of pictures of Michael cutting down the bunch of bananas.
Janice Laine completed the video of the December Doo Wop show, the promo for the theater club’s Chili Night Show. She will video that show on February 1. She is working on the “Promo Project” for the VPC.
Adjoined 10:00 am.