Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Members present:: Joe Osuna, Oralia Osuna, Bonnie Cooper, Bill Frambach, Lorene Christian, Anna Derby, Michael Oh, Richard Houck, Bill Holden, Bob Groncki, Mara Williams, Leslie Parker, Keith Bague, Beverley Bender, and Janice Laine.
Minutes:  Bill Frambach moved to accept the minutes and it was seconded by Bonnie Cooper. Minutes were unanimously approved.
Treasurer:  The January treasurer’s report showed a beginning bank balance of $1998.90 with a $55. Deposit and $.08 interest for a total of $2053.98.  Petty cash paid $10.00 for cookies, ending with a balance of $90.00.
Old Business: The amphitheater shows finished successfully. DVDs of the show are available at their request. We will need volunteers next year to continue taping these shows. No one is allowed to video tape these shows except the VPC. Currently there are two active cameras for side shots and 2 active cameras for close ups. So there is a need for four volunteers per show.  Several members said they would volunteer.
New Business:  Bob Groncki has been video taping “Voices of Music.” His Rocking Chairs group will be playing till the end of October. Bob will make a 3-minute-ad for them and requested a crew to video it.
We will be electing VPC officers at the October meeting. Please let us know if you would like to run for an office. Nominations will come from the floor.
The VPC Holiday party will be Nov. 6 in Club House 4 at noon. It will be catered by John’s Philly Grill. Bob Groncki will present the entertainment with his Rock-a-Bula group.
Robin has not yet finalized the date for the next certification program.
There will be no meetings in November or December.
Round Table
Michael Oh discussed TV3. Now you can watch TV 3 on your computer. He reported that the picture was good and the sound is better. He finished the FALW 2017 Luau annual fund raiser.
Bill Holden expressed his appreciation for the information that Joe Osuna sends out. Bill starred in a show on Superwire and he was MC of “Legends of the Amphitheater” the theater club’s Labor Day show.
Bob Groncki has completed two of his series of shows “Voices of Music” and is working on his third. He interviews other musicians and then plays a duet with them. These shows can be seen on Superwire and youtube.
Beverley Bender videoed the author at the library and Janice produced it. It is now on Superwire and youtube. She worked with Lorene to film the EXPO is working on that production.
Mara Williams mentioned the valuable information from Joe. She is working on the open house at her church.
Anna Derby was involved in videoing the GAF ceremony and reported that there will be a picnic area at club house 2. Sunshine club has a speaker on how to maintain an active brain. She also asked members to re-register at Ralphs for their “give back” program to GAF. If they had registered last year, they need to register again this year.
Leslie Parker went to one event with Keith and is actively learning camera and computer production techniques.
Keith Bague spoke of Comicon, Game of Thrones, and using a phone camera.
Richard Houck is working with the Emergency Certification group to see what more they want to do. He put together a large amount of video and realizes he should have had a script.
Lorene Christian filmed at the EXPO and has been crewing with other members.
Respectfully submitted,

Janice Laine

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