Friday, January 27, 2017



Members present:
Joseph Valentinetti, Joe Osuna, Bonnie Cooper, Bill Frambach, Mary Apt, Dee Harmon, Joseph Chavez, Irene Cistero, Lorene Christian, Janice Laine,  
Members had read the minutes on line. Joseph Chavez moved that the minutes be approved. Joe Osuna seconded. The minutes were unanimously approved.
The January treasurer’s report showed a bank balance of $1816.57 in the bank account. Petty cash $100. The VPC received a $100 donation from Joseph Chavez. 2017 dues have been received from 22 members. Joe Osuna moved to accept the treasurer’s report. Seconded by Bill Frambach. Report approved.
Mary Apt in December
Joseph Chavez in January

Old Business
  • Joseph Valentinetti began conducting classes on using an android cell phone to make videos. His classes are being well attended and reservations have been made for future classes.
  • ILW is now being produced in the VPC set instead of the downtown SBTV3 studio.  ILW videos must be submitted by the 15th of the month.
  • New carpeting has greatly improved the sound in studio A. It was suggested that lavalier microphones be used in Studio B to improve the sound there.
  • KIO is staffed by Joe Osuna, Mondays; Richard Houck, Tuesdays; Joseph Valentinetti, Wednesdays; Irene Cistero, Thursdays; Janice Laine/Lorene Christian, alternate Fridays. .Dee Harmon will be on call.

New Business:  

  • GRF is making a new informational video regarding Leisure World to help prospective buyers decide whether Leisure World is right for them, and to instruct real estate sales people important aspects of this community so they can impart correct information. This video is currently in the planning stage. Joseph Valentinetti and Joe Osuna will sit in on these planning sessions and advise the committee about their video production needs.

Round Table Discussion: 

  • Lorene Christian is working on “Leisure World’s Got Talent” show and has finished the video on her first performer and put it on YouTube.
  • Mary Apt completed a video featuring Anna Derby but Anna was recently featured on a show so Mary’s video will be on hold.
  • Joseph Chavez is doing research on time lapse and drone photography. He had the part of the narrator in the “Soggsville” video.
  • Bonnie Cooper has volunteered to do the ILW for March.
  • Joe Osuna completed a community karaoke with western songs. He’s working on a silent movie and on “aliens who live among us;” there are two groups of “aliens;” those who use walkers and those who use wheelchairs.
  • Dee Harmon is operating  the camera for Brian’s videos.
  • Irene Cistero is documenting the tropical fish in the center.
  • Janice Laine video’d the Mutual 5 cooking show which featured the advantages of using “smart burners.” She also made a video of the Visual and Hearing Impaired meeting featuring how to use the Leisure World buses. Additionally, she is working on a video of humorous skits..

Respectfully submitted,
Janice Laine