Friday, April 29, 2016



The meeting was called to order at 9:00.

Members present: Joseph Valentinetti, Joe Osuna, Richard Houck, Bob Slater, Bonnie Z Cooper, John Robinson, Paul Basset, Loreen Christian, Dee Harman,  Anna Derby, Michael Oh, Ray Jarris, Janice Laine, Beverly Bender, Kate Pedigo, Bill Frambach.

Minutes:  The minutes were read. Ray Jarris moved that the minutes be approved. Bob Slater seconded. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Treasurer:  The February treasurer’s report showed a balance of $1529.57 in the bank account and $42.50 in petty cash. Expenditure for February was $25.00 for a table at the Expo. Anna Derby moved to accept the report and Joe Osuna seconded. Unanimously approved

Discussion followed about the NuVision account that will not waive the $6.00 fee on the checking account unless there's a $1200 balance. Joseph Valentinetti suggested that we do away with the checking account and just use the savings account. Bob Slater says that his U.S. Bank does not charge for a checking account and that his bank is open six days a week unlike NuVision which is only open three days a week. Bill Frambach moved that we have the treasurer move our money to a new account at U.S. Bank contingent on possible problems with U.S. Bank. Kate Pedigo seconded. Unanimously approved.

Birthdays: Bonnie Z Cooper

New Business  
Thanks to the crew for the Expo. Many thanks to Mary Apt for the extensive work on the flyer.

Joseph Chavez is in the Quaker Garden convalescent hospital.

Joseph Valentinetti pointed out that usually the percentage of members in a group who perform valuable services is low; however, he is happy to note that the majority of our VPC members are active.

SBTV-3 is having considerable problems with their servers so ILW is being filmed in the VPC studio. Bonnie Z will host Taylor White and Sally Glaussen about the upcoming Leisure World Theater Club events. 

The VPC is moved to a new location in Club House 3, Room B. Maintenance will help us move on Friday 4/29 and Monday 5/2. All the members were asked to help in any way they are able.

Joe Osuna reported on the need for microphones for our cameras. He discussed the various microphone and their cost. John Robinson moved to purchase two microphones. Seconded by Richard Houck.

GRF requires that we add a new disclaimer to the beginning of our videos when we use GRF purchased equipment and or the GRF owned studio (Room A Clubhouse 3.This disclaimer is in addition to the Superwire and SBTV-3 disclaimers. Since the required disclaimer is rather long and onerous, it will be discussed with GRF at a later time.

Round Table Discussion: Projects included: John Robinson – The American Legion 50th year in LeisureWorld; Richard Houck – Radio Club, Queen Mary; Janice Laine – Expo, Move; Mary Apt – video she's making about wrecking her car (Bob Slater assisting), Move, Expo, Harmonizing show; Joe Osuna – new member Andrew will work with Paul Bassett on Mac; Bonnie Cooper – ILW Theater Club; Dee Harmon – Harmonizing.

Respectfully submitted,
Janice Laine