Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New programs scheduled to show in July 2014 on local Time Warner Cable SBTV-3 at Channel 15.102 or Channel 3 with a cable box and on Verizon Cable Channel 37 .

These programs are submitted by members of the Video Producers Club, who are Certified Video Producers. The Video Producers are volunteers, and not employees of SBTV-3.

Copies of the programs are available from Station Manager, Robin Fort-Lincke. You can contact her at SBTV03@gmail.com or phone (562) 696-1404.

Club internet information is available at LWVPC.Blogspot.com

Maiden Voyage
An hour of dancing and singing along Route 66. The Touch of Class entertainment group take you on a nostalgic trip from Chicago to Los Angeles. Master of Ceremonies are Sally Glaueser, David Noble, and Michelle Potter.

Performers are: Ben Berg, Chuck and Diane Burnett, Sam Calderone, Debbie DeGarzia, Carmen Edwards, Sally Glaueser, Gerarde Imhoff, Lou Joseph, David Noble, Michelle Potter, and Phil Vlaic. Walt Bier was the Karaoke Tech. Ellen Brannigan and Carol Graves worked the front desk.

Joe and Oralia Osuna are the Camera Operators and Video Producers. Michelle Potter is the Show Producer, and David Noble is the Show Co-Producer.

Phil-Am Club
The Leisure World Phil-Am Social Club presented a musical Saturday, May 17, in Clubhouse 4. Featured soloist were Shirelene Chavez, Carmen Edwards, Jean Kaplan, and Pete Tupas.

The Pianists are Betty Ballen, Barbara McIlhaney, and Margie St. Clair. The Phil-Am chorale, with Bennie DeLa Cruz conducting, performed a medley and a Hawai' ian Song, with Bennie Dela Cruz dancing with Max Cadabona on Ukulele. Nine year old ballerina Mandy Cinco Killeen, perfored a ballet. The Phil-Am Chorale closed the event with “BattleHymn of the Republic.” Joseph Chavez was th program emcee. The show event was produced by Raoul Cinco. Paul Bassett was the Camera Operator and the Video Producer.

Chuck Stone
Chuck Stone: Artist. Interview with the carver, Chuck Stone. Local man who carves Tiki-style statues. His views on art and a carving in progress to replace the Spinx lost when the star of the movie, Endless Summer's, house was torn down. Music courtesy of AlohaRadio, a local band. Joseph Valentinetti is the Video Producer of this half hour program

Multicultural Council
A half hour of the Multicultural Council history with Ellen Brannigan-President and Anna Derby – Secretary. They discuss the pending Amphitherater entertainment to be performed by Multicultural Council clubs on Saturday, August 16 at 8 pm. Joe and Oralia are the Video Producers.

Hosptiality Room Volunteers Recruitment
Two public service announcements are asking for volunteers to assist at the Hospitality Room. Sandra Massa-Lavitt discusses the Hospitality Room and the many other benefits available to the residents, courtesy of the Golden Age Foundation. Joe Osuna is the Video Producer. This is a short public service announcement.

Terry Otter & Abilene
The Video Producers' Club presented country rock group Terry Otte & Abilene for the annual Ranch Hand Roundup Banquet, Friday, May 2, in Clubhouse2.

The group performed many favorite country and popular songs to flashing lights on stage and dance floor to the enjoyment of the dancers and audience. Tune in and enjoy the festivities. Terry Otte-Lead Vocal, Rhythm Guitar; Rod Anderson-Lead Guitar, BG Vocals: Tina Shaffer-lead vocals; Michael McCarthy-Drums” and Harry Reichman-Bass.

Camera Operators were Steve Nichols and Lynn R. Heath. Paul Bassett was a camera operator and the Video Producer of this one hour and 35 minute program.

One Stitch at a Time
The program is a conversation with Kate Pedigo, who is 102 years of age. We display items sewn by Kate. She learned the basics of needlework while a child, that would be about a 100 years ago. Her expertise after taking a tailoring class evidenced by a plaid coat and beret she made for a cruise around the South American Continent. The program is 28 minutes, by Video Producer Mary Apte

Spot Light on Kate Pedigo
The program is a collection of scenes at the Art League event in clubhouse 4, where Kate Pedigo exhibited her paintings, drawings, cards and books. This is a shor one and a half minute program. Video Producer is Mary Apte.

Inside Leisure World
Dr. Joyce , age 82 years, President of Wellness Center of America is the guest with host Ethel Lover, on the “Inside Leisure World” 30 minute show. Dr. Joyce discussed blood chemistry and nutrition. says your blood chemistries can warn you of a future health disaster 5 yrs before the symptoms appear.  She specialize s in Hematology (the science of blood chemistry ) Nutritionist and studied with famed Dr. Harold Manner , head of the Biology Dept at Loyola University in Chicago, “ He was famous for his controversial book , Death of Cancer. Director is Robin Fort-Linke.

Monday, June 9, 2014

SuperWire for June. Times vary

TV Guide (Starts Jun 07, 2014)
   (With Time Warner Cable Box - Channel 995)
   (With no TW Cable Box on Digital TV - Channel 95.861)

01:04 am   Alan Lee Margarita Ville
01:09 am   Columbus Corrected
01:17 am   Leisure World website information
01:41 am   State of the Video Club
02:07 am   Abilene Band Members Interview March25 2014
02:38 am   Holy Family Church Choir
03:12 am   Treat Her Right
03:16 am   Tajana Sings
04:16 am   Songs of the Islands  Part 1 March15 2014
05:16 am   Songs of the Islands  Part 2 March 15,2014
05:36 am   Boot Scooting Boogie
05:39 am   Hospitality Recruitment
05:41 am   Passover and Easter with Mark Barnett
06:15 am   Johns Philly Grille Cooking secrets
06:22 am   Leisure World website information
06:46 am   Web Site Announcement
06:47 am   Motor Coach Murder
07:41 am   Soul Man with Joe and Shirlene Chavez
07:44 am   Karaoke May 14 2014
08:47 am   Columbus
08:53 am   Johns Philly Grille Cooking secrets
09:00 am   Friends Of The Library
09:16 am   Hospitality Recruitment
09:18 am   Oxytocin-The Love Chemical
09:48 am   Copacabana Part 1
10:46 am   Copacabana Part 2
11:00 am   Hawaiian Fest  May 4 2014 
12:01 pm   Leisure World  Cafe Grand Opening
12:25 pm   Taylor White for the Theater Club
12:30 pm   Theater Club Dinner Dance
01:31 pm   Abilene Western Dinner Dance
02:04 pm   Boot Scooting Boogie
02:07 pm   Broadway Shows  Trilogy
03:08 pm   Tommy Williams  Xmas Blues
03:14 pm   Leisure World  Cafe Grand Opening
03:39 pm   Helen Patraca Sings
04:00 pm   Hospitality Recruitment
04:02 pm   GAF benefits
04:07 pm   Multicultural Council Event
04:35 pm   Maiden Voyage Route 66 Part 1
05:32 pm   Maiden Voyage Route 66 Part 2
05:40 pm   Philipino American Club Musicale
06:29 pm   club web pages at lw
06:31 pm   Derderian
06:51 pm   Wanted
06:52 pm   Let The Good Times Roll May 17 2014 
07:56 pm   Karaoke May 14 2014 
08:59 pm   The Camino Slide Show
09:27 pm   Copacabana Part 1 by Paul Bassett
10:25 pm   Copacabana Part 2 by Paul Bassett
10:39 pm   Terry Otte&Abilene-Ranch Hand Roundup Part1
11:20 pm   Terry Otte&Abilene-Ranch Hand Roundup Part 2