Monday, May 26, 2014

ILW shoot for June 2014. Shot 5-23-2014 Live to Tape

Cast and crew in the green room prior to the shoot

Host Mary Apte preparing the set.

Guests and host being wired for sound

Rob Roy wiring guest

Joe Osuna wiring guest

Joseph Chavez floor manager with Sherlene Chavez

Mary Apte being wired for sound by Rob Roy the guests Carol Chambers, Betty Scharf, and Darlene Gardner being wired by Robin Fort-Lincke

Ray Jarris at camera 3

Oralia Osuna at the titling console

r to l. Mary Apte, Carol Chambers, Betty Scharf, Darlene Gardner, Ray Jarris on camera 3
Taste good and good for you

Thursday, May 22, 2014

VPC Meeting May 2014

VPC Meeting May 2014      
Old Business
Minutes of the last meeting. Secretary not available.
New Business
Members Present: Joe Osuna, Oralia Osuna, Michael Oh, Anna Derby,
Paul Bassett, Kate, Mary Apte, Irene Cistero, Ren Villanueva, Robin Fort-Lincke, Bill Frambach, Joseph Chavez, Dick Davis, Howard Jarvis, Ray Jarris, Lynn Heath. Joseph Valentinetti presiding.
Thanks to Joe Osuna for hosting May ILW. Topic: New Video Producers interview. Steve Nichols and Lynn Heath.
Birthday and un-birthday wishes.
Thank you to all the local ranch hands who helped make the dinner dance a success..
Financial report submitted.
Coverage requests:
The Leisure World Chorale would like to request a videographer for their June 21, 2014 concert, "A Tribute to Ole' Blue Eyes".  The concert will be approximately 90 minutes of time.  It would help if the videographer attends the morning rehearsal to know where the soloists and performers will be located on the stage.  We will be in Clubhouse 4 at 9:30 am for rehearsal and 2:00 pm for the performance.  Contact Anita Ragole or Joseph V. to volunteer. (Anita Ragole's email).

Barbershop singing club will perform in the Ampitheater August 9th, a Saturday, at 8pm. Contact Bill Frambach of Joseph V to volunteer. (Bill Frambach's email).
Veteran's Picnic CH1 Picnic ground July 6th 12-3 pm. Contact Ray Villenuava or Joseph V to volunteer.
Upcoming host for show of ILW June shoot is Mary Apte. The guests are Carol Chambers, Betty Sharp and one other, the Wa Rite club's recorder.
Crew for the shoot. Ray, Joseph C., Orie O., Joe O., Irene and Bonnie. Rob Roy from Seal Beach will also help. (Thanks Rob for your continued support).
Lynn Heath will host for ILW for October  2014.
KIO for June
Mon Joe O., Tues Ray J., Wed Joseph V (except the 11th), Thurs Joseph C. (except the 19th) Thurs the 19th Joe O..
Training on equipment is available during Mon and Wed hours.
A lively Roundtable was had. The Multicultural club will be covered by Joe O and others. I apologize for not catching all the names.
Short videos to help various clubs improve their web page on LWSB site was discussed. Y service club, Chorale and others have already set up appointments. Members of our club who are also members of other clubs may want to take advantage of this.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New programs scheduled to show in June 2014 on local Time Warner Cable SBTV-3 at Channel 15.102 and Verizon Cable Channel 37

These programs are submitted by members of the Video Producers Club, who are Certified Video Producers. The Video Producers are volunteers, and not employees of SBTV-3.

Copies of the programs are available for $15 per DVD from Station Manager, Robin Fort-Lincke. You can contact her at or phone (562) 696-1404.

Club internet information is available at

Centenarian Luncheon
The Centenarian Luncheon celebrated the lives of all the residents, 100 years of age and older, who reside in Leisure World. Betty Coven was the Master of Ceremonies. Mayor Ellery A Deaton presented awards to the Centenarians. Assisting and serving lunch were members of the Sunshine Club and Hui O Hula Club.

Video Camera Operators were Joseph Chavez, Irene Cistaro, Gui Baker and Bonnie Cooper. Bonnie is the Video Producer of the half hour program. Copies of the program are available through Bonnie Cooper.

Hawaiian Fest
One hour of Hawaiian entertainment featuring the “Oahu” band and the Hui O Hula dancers. Uncle Roddy and the Oahu Hawaiian band entertained at Clubhouse 1. “Jojo” the Hui O Hula instructor introduced the performers, sharing the Master of Ceremonies job with Kaye Huff. Camera operators are Joe and Oralia Osuna. Joe is the video producer

The Company’s evening musical variety show “An Evening with the Company At the Copacabana”, presented on Saturday, April 19th, at Clubhouse 2, to a standing room only audience was a hit!  Producer Lynn R. Heath, who also directed and performed, was assisted by co-producers (as well as singers & performers) Steve Nichols and Tommy Williams.  The Company cast also included singers and performers Jeanine Greb, Vickie Van Ert, Ben Berg, Eric Nelson, Sandy Hunt, Terry Humphrey, Ric Dizon, Bruce Smith, Shirlene and Joseph Chavez, David Noble, Helen Schultz & Tea Cup, Audrey McKenzie, T. Smith, Sally Glausser, the Pure Joy Dance Group, and the rest of The Company’s crew who put on a fantastic show.  This video of the show was captured by the Video Producers’ videographers Paul Bassett, Joe & Oralia Osuna, and the now famous “Steve-CAM”, and was produced, directed, and edited by Paul Bassett.

Public Service Announcements
Joseph Valentinetti, Video Producer has two Public Service Announcements he created. The first one is “ New Shell” spoken verse. Hope for a better tomorrow.

The secomd one is “What Are You Waiting For ?” a Public Service Announcement about the crime of elder abuse and what to do about it.

Nicky and the Woman

Joseph Valentinetti is the Video Producer of “Nicky and the Woman”. This is a spoken verse: Explorers the arc of a relationship from start to finish. It is a 15 minute program.

Leisure World Orchestra
The Leisure World Orchestra performs a variety of music from classical to comedic in their Spring Concert! Composers such as Corelli, Brahms, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Leroy Anderson, Strauss and ““Bugs Bunny?” “ What's Up Doc.” It's a medley of his hits! Everyone will enjoy this concert.

El Camino
Join Lynn R. Heath as she shares her adventure on the Camino de Santiago in the north of Spain through an iPhoto presentation with music. Steve Nichols contributed sound to the piece and Lynn R. Heath presents her photos and video as she revisits her walk of over 400 miles in the month of September 2013 from the border of France to the Atlantic Ocean. As an adventurous senior she has a lot to share with our community for other adventurous seniors and those who are armchair travelers. So enjoy her journey as she learns the true meaning of gratitude. Questions? Call her at 562-296-5588 or email at

This half hour program with Dr. Marcia Baltimore discusses the chemical that causes the urge to “Cuddle” with your partner. The cuddling chemical is called Oxytocin, which is generated by the brain. It is also known as the “love hormone.” Bob McCauley videoed the program at the Superwire Studio. Joe Osuna is the Video Producer

Let the Good Times Roll
The Doo Wop club presents a one hour dancing and musical entertainment program called “Let the Good Times Roll “ Ben Berg and his Rhythm Rockers perform several times. Frank Destra and Joe Tucky are the Master of Ceremonies.

Joe and Oralia Osuna are the camera operators. Joe is the Video Producer.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

sbtv-3 schedule showing lots of our leisure world programs, they are in colored text


Thursday, May 8
 4:00pm. Kurt Dahlin
 4:30pm  Frank Destra
 5:30pm  Janice Derderian LCSW

 6:00pm  Cornerstone
 6:30pm  Inside Leisure World
 7:00pm  Studio Cafe
 8:00pm  Joyful Line Dance
 8:30pm  Abilene Interviews
 9:00pm  Abilene Band
 9:30pm  Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
 11:00pm Live at the Ford
 12:30pm Groundwater Replenishment
Friday, May 9
 4:00pm  Karaoke
 5:00pm  Western Event
 5:30pm  Janice Derderian LCSW
 6:00pm  Calvary Chapel
 6:30pm  Favorite Things
 7:30pm  Inside Leisure World
 8:00pm  Joyful Line Dance
 8:30pm  Abilene Band
 9:00pm  Studio Cafe
 10:00pm Vintage Vehicles
 10:30pm The Wonderful World of Penguins
 11:00pm Motor Coach Murder
Saturday, May 10
 4:00pm  Favorite Things
 5:00pm  Yoga for All Ages
 5:30pm  Feeling Fit Club - Older Adults
 6:30pm  Inside Leisure World
 7:00pm  Kurt Dahlin
 7:30pm  Abilene Interviews
 8:00pm  LAUSD
 9:30pm  In the Fight
 10:00pm Studio Cafe
 11:00pm Californias Green
 11:30pm Live at the Ford
Sunday, May 11
 4:00pm Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts
 5:30pm  Vintage Vehicles
 6:00pm  Metro Motion Union Station
 6:30pm  Western Event
 7:30pm  Inside Leisure World
 8:00pm  Studio Cafe
 9:00pm  Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts
11:00pm  Coastal Conversations #1
11:30pm Live at the Ford
Monday, May 12
 4:00pm  Karaoke
 5:00pm  Janice Derderian LCSW
 5:30pm  Inside Leisure World
 6:00pm  Studio Cafe
 7:00pm  Seal Beach City Council Meeting - LIVE
Tuesday, May 13
 4:00pm  Frank Destra
 5:00pm  Favorite Things
 6:00pm  Calvary Chapel
 6:30pm  Kurt Dahlin
 7:00pm  Abilene Interviews
 7:30pm  Abilene Band
 8:00pm  Western Event
 9:00pm  Studio Cafe
 10:00pm  Vintage Vehicles
  11:30pm  Live at the Ford
Wednesday, May 14
 4:00pm  Karaoke
 5:00pm  Janice Derderian LCSW
 5:30pm  Inside Leisure World
 6:00pm  Studio Cafe
 7:00pm  SBTV-3 Bulletin Board