Friday, February 28, 2014

ILW shoot 2.28.2014

Joe Osuna, Richard Parker and Host Mary Apte on the set.

Mary Apte

Richard Parker

Joe Osuna. Susie Ralston and Mary Apte

Robin Fort-Lincke

Steve Nichols and Robin Fort-Lincke

Richard Parker, Irene Cistaro and Ray Jarris

Irene Cistaro

Ethel Lover and Joe Osuna

Ethel Lover

Richard Parker at the sound console

Steve Nichols at the titling console

Oralia Otero

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Our community now has five new Certified Video Producers: Congratulations to them.

Photo information
Photo by Joe Osuna
front row - Robin Fort-Lincke - SBTV-3 Manager
second row - left to right...John Robertson, Ethel Lover, Steve Nichols, Do Tran
rear row - Joseph Valentinetti - President

Our community now has five new Certified Video Producers, who can now submit community programs to our local SBTV-3 Community television station in Seal Beach. Certified Video Producers are volunteers, who are able to video and edit programs and submit them to SBTV-3 for broadcast over the Time Warner Channels 15.102  and Verizon FIOS channel 37.  The new Certified Video Producers are Lynn Health, Ethel Lover, Steve Nichols, John Robinson, Do Tran. Lynn Heath is missing from the photo.