Sunday, August 4, 2013

Airing Your Video on Superwire

Here is some information on how to submit programs to the Superwire Channel, any Club member can submit a program to show on the Superwire TV channel, below are  guide lines to follow.  If you have questions, just contact me or Joseph Valentinetti or Bob McCauley.  Just remember, Bob McCauley has the last word on any program material.
Joe Osuna

TIME WARNER SUPERWIRE CHANNEL OVERVIEW  (August 3, 2013    Revision 2.2)

Superwire TV is a private, closed circuit, 24 hours a day television channel that operates for Leisure World Time Warner cable subscribers.

Cable subscribers with "Broadcast and Basic Time Warner TV service"  can view the channel on 995 for those with a " Cable Box" and 95.861 for those with no cable box but with a digital TV.   Analog television sets without Time Warner cable boxes cannot play the Superwire Channel.


Programs are to be non-commercial, and non-political.  If you want to submit a commercial program,  contact Bob McCauley, Manager of the Superwire Channel to discuss financial arrangements.

The Video Producer that edits the proposed program needs to include a Superwire disclaimer which includes a statement the Video Producer is the legal responsible party of that submitted program. An aggrieved party can sue the Video Producer. The Video Producer is solely responsible.

Here is an example:
"The views and opinions expressed on this program are not necessarily those of the Superwire Channel, Telecom Communications, the Time Warner Cable Company, and the Golden Rain Foundation. The program is the sole responsibility of the video producer. The video producer of this program is ( insert the name )."    Or you can insert your video producer title and your name in the credits at the end or beginning of the program

Video programs are to be submitted in the .WMV format, in half hour increments. Programs over one hour need to be submitted in separate files with each file not over one-half hour.

If you use Power Director 11 when you Produce  a program, select file format WMV  and go to Profile Type and select Windows Media Video 1280 x 720/l30p  (6 Mbps), then select in Output Folder the file in which you want to save the produced rendered file.  After the file is rendered and saved, you need to transfer the file to a USB memory stick. Use a drag and drop operation on the resultant file in your computer to the USB memory stick. For assistance on loading the USB memory stick, ask for assistance from a Certified Video Producer.


Any Video Producers Club member can submit a program to be aired on the Superwire Channel.  This submission should be via a USB memory stick.

Bob McCauley, Joe Osuna and Joseph Valentinetti are able to insert the program into the Superwire Channel serverAny Video Producer wanting to have their program aired needs to submit that program to Bob, Joe or Joseph. Give the loaded USB memory stick to one of those three, who will insert it into the Superwire Server.

Political programs are required by Federal Law to offer equal time to the opposing party(s). If the video producer fails to provide equal time, the video producer is subject to federal penalties which may include fines and/or incarceration and/or civil penalties.