Tuesday, July 23, 2013

MINUTES – Ebay Room Clubhouse 5 June 27, 2013

MINUTES – Ebay Room Clubhouse 5
June 27, 2013
Meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Joseph Valentinetti.
 IN ATTENDANCE: Gui Baker Paul Basset, Irene Cisrtaro, Chuck Burnett, Joseph Chavez, Bonnie Cooper, Bill Frambach, Lynn Heath, Ray Jarris, Kate Pedigo, Bob Slater, Joseph Valentinetti, John Pier - computer lab guest.
 The May minutes was read by Gui Baker
TREASURER’S REPORT: Joe Osuna – unavailable - no report
President Joseph V announced that the Library is giving show space to put our DVD and we could re-stock the space every three months.  Lynn suggested that we should inform the public and published it in the newspaper. Pres V said Jose Osuna will do the write up when get back in town.
Pres V is also going to request some new equipments, there’s still some money left over to buy. He is considering a DVD so we can start transferring all the VCR to the DVD.  1 DVD storage Binders (Set of 6), 4 Sennheiser head phone to use so that when you are transferring file you won’t be easily get distracted., 1 Apple external DVD Drive,  2 Seagate TB 3.0 Hard Drive- Hard Drive for back-up. 2 Marketek Sound Blankets & 1 Video Monitor 24 inch monitor so be able to see what we doing or editing.
Bob Slater suggested that whatever we do, we need to notify Terry de Leon, not going over his head, let him feel he is still in charge.
There are VCR tapes there that are obsolete, anybody is welcome to take them.
Pres V said that we have 2 machine to transfer from VCR to DVD. If you happened to be available, transfer some to DVD.
The Green Screen donated by Galit Slater is only good for 2 people. Pres V suggested to paint the side wall, there’s green screen paint now available now, this way you can accommodate more people when videoing. It had been voted to paint the whole wall. But we need to get Terry de Leon approval before proceeding.
Pres V suggested to sell 50/50 ticket during the meeting but was voted down.
Chuck suggest in raising our dues.
Lynn suggested a picnic event.
Pres V suggested dinner-dance fundraising will be nice. That’s one of the reasons he highly recommend for us to do the taping of Terry Ott hopefully he will accommodate us. It will be in the process to be held in May next year.
INSIDE LEISURE WORLD – Bob Slater – will host the taping with Vern Jackson, gospel singer as our guest. Chuck said He has interesting background. Camera operator Chuck Burnett with Rob Roy, sound-man - possibly Ray who is having 3 root –canal.

Lynn – that it took her awhile to find the interview of Buddha in channel 3 under ILW.  Which means INSIDE LEISURE WORLD. It stated that whenever an article was published in the newspaper, it will be airing for the whole month. Just check the programming schedule.
She said she will be walking 500 miles in September at North of Spain, spiritual pilgrimage to Compostelo Santiago.
Irene Cisnero – she has been taping Kate Pedigo for book signing. It came out good, although she has some camera problem.  She said she likes the Window 8 and find it amazing.
Bonnie – said she is learning the Power Director – she had been working with Michael Oh, Irene Cisnero, said if you want to learn, go to YouTube, get familiar with it.  She will be at The Cabaret for the opening night at Amphitheater…………
Bonnie is organizing to whoever has a PC to have a workshop – it will be July 2nd Tuesday, 9-11am.
Joseph Chavez – wants an article of MCC for the upcoming event to be published in our local newspaper. He was advised to contact Mary Apt because she is interviewing MCC on September.
Kate Pedigo – suggested that since everybody has some story to tell about themselves, we should get interviewed and showed it at the channel 3 TV.
Our guest for the day is John Pier who is on Board at Computer Lab and on duty on Wednesday. He is a computer repair person.
Paul Basset – recommends that we should have 32G flash drive that we should save any project when using the computer in edit bay.
Members who would man the Edit Bay Office from 10-12am for July are
Monday – Irene Cisneros
Tuesday – Ray Jarris
Wednesday – Joseph V
Thursday – Joseph Chavez
Friday – Bob Slater

Robin reminded us to keep tract (keep a log) of all these NEW equipments we have. And all these equipments should be identify and only used by members.
She also said that their building got flooded, luckily it was in the bathroom, no damage.

President Joseph V has some 5 x 5 (5 cuts in 5 seconds to tell a story) video clippings that he will show for us to watch

Meeting was adjourned by President Joseph Valentinetti at 10:00 AM.

Respectfully submitted by Gui Baker, Member.

Hosting Inside Leisure World 2013:
January Bonnie Cooper
February Joseph Valentinetti
March Mary Apte
April Joe Osuna
May Bonnie Cooper
June Bob Slater
July Bill Frambach
August Mary Apte
October Joe Osuna
September is still open so if you have a club event or idea you would like to promote let me know.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

New shows for July on SBTV

New shows are
unveiled on SBTV

A variety of new Leisure
World programs from the Video
Producers Club are scheduled to
be shown on local Time Warner
Cable Channel SBTV-3 and
 Verizon Cable Channel 37 in July.
Video Producers Club members
are certified producer volunteers
and not employees of SBTV-
Channel 3.
Copies of the programs are
available for $15 per DVD
from Station Manager Robin
Fort-Lincke. To place an order,
call 696-1404.
Club Internet information is
available at

•The Doo Wop Show
This is one-hour-and-44-minutes
of entertainment by the Let
the Good Times Roll, a Leisure
World doo wop club. Frank
Destra, president, and Joe Tucky
are master of ceremonies. The
performers in order of appearance
are Frank Destra, Joe Tucky, The
Rhythm Rockers, Ben Berg,
Jay Clawson “Dutch” and Vickie
Van Ert, Bob Slater, Pam Miller,
Peter Sequeira, Judy Duval, and
Angie Kassell. Carmen Edwards,
David Noble, Geri Garcia, Joe
and Shirlene Chavez, Ellen
Brannigan, Judy Duval, Vic De
Grazia, Rosemary Freman, Rabbi
Galit Levy-Slater, John Hayden.
Sound techs are Mike and Martha
Destra; Joe and Oralia Osuna are
the video camera operators; and
Joe is the video producer.
•Karaoke June
Ren Villanueva is the host and
Ric Dizon is the music DJ for this
hour of karaoke singing. Singers
are Ray Jarris, Benn Chaffey, Joe
Sabroso, Lynn Atkinson, Tino
Tupas, Helen Schultz and her son
Tommy Williams, Tina Schaffer,
Bill Vickers, Bill Frambach,
Shalla Callahan, Ric Herring, Audrey
McKenzie, Ann Fridenberg, and
Rick Reynaldo.Joe Osuna is the
video producer.

Around Leisure World
This half-hour show features
the Korean American Guitar Club
and the Karaoke Club. Korean
American Guitar Club President
Sang Kim talks about the club.
The show features instructor
Young Woo Yoo and the students.
The second half of the program
features a June karaoke singing
session with Rick Reynaldo, Sally
Gauser, Marie Anselmo and Ellen
Brannigan. Joe Osuna is the video
producer of both segments.

Oak Glenn Apple Country
Joe and Oralia Osuna travel to
Oak Glenn in Yucaipa, Calif. The
Osunas tour Oak Glen Village.
Joe is the video producer.
•Harpin Harry
Harmonica player Rob Roy
entertains with 15 minutes of
western campfire music. Joe
Osuna is the video producer.

Terry Otte & Abilene
A half-hour of rock ‘n roll and
western music with Terry Otte
and his band Abilene. Fifty years
ago, Terry played for his friend
at a wedding. Now, his friend is
celebrating his 50th anniversary,
and Terry is there to play for him
again. Camera operators are Gui
Baker and Mary Apte; video
producer and editor is Joseph

•In Search of The Giant Spoon
Music video by
 Joseph Valentinetti, video producer.

Adventures With Dad
Lee Gale Gruen talks about
her memoirs and a senior acting
class that she and her father took
during the last years of his life.
This is an interview by video
Producer Joseph Valentinetti
—Joe Osuna

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

5X5 WorkShop Offered July 10, 17, 24

There are three meetings for this workshop. If you're interested show up July 10th at 10am. See you there.

Monday, July 1, 2013

July Shooting of Inside Leisure World

 This show is airing in July 2013. It's worth watching for the singing but also for learning about an interesting life well lived.

 July taping with host Bob Slater. The guest is gospel singer Vern Jackson.
Vern Jackson performed `I Believe' live.

 Camera operator Chuck Burnett with Rob Roy, sound-man, whizzing by.

 Camera set up

 Guest `hitting his mark'

Vern Jackson warming up his voice.