Friday, June 21, 2013

MINUTES – VPC Studio - Clubhouse 5 May 23, 2013

MINUTES – VPC Studio - Clubhouse 5
May 23, 2013

Meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Joseph Valentinetti.
 IN ATTENDANCE: (15) Mary Apte, Gui Baker, Paul Basset, Dick Davies, Chuck Burnett, Joseph Chavez, Bonnie Cooper, Bill Frambach, Lynn Heath, Ray Jarris, Joe Osuna, Oralia Osuna, Kate Pedigo, Bob Slater, Joseph Valentinetti, (5 new members) Anna Derby, Bob Fritz, Michael Oh, Johnny Vanek, Fransua Francoeur

 The April minutes was read by Mary Apte.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Joe Osuna - Beginning balance $765.49 =$607.49 + $155.00 on hand. Disbursement for business cards $86.88 & $8.00 for device.  Ending balance is $627.61.

INSIDE LEISURE WORLD – Volunteers are Mary Apte, Bill Frambach, Joseph Chavez, Dick Davis, Ray Jarris and Bob Slater, Bob Fritz & Johnny Vaneck, Shirlene Chavez, guests.

Mary Apte requests to change the hosting Inside Leisure World to August instead of September because her topic is about the MCC Festival which occurs in October. She would like the shareholders be aware of the upcoming event and show it throughout September.

President Joseph said the Video Producer club had purchased 2 HP PC and 1 Apple computer and will need assistance to set up.

President, Joseph Valentinetti.-- business cards with Studio location & phone number are now available, so all members can use to identify and spread information about Video Producers Club. 

An administrator of the computer has been set up to keep track of its use and maintaining the computer. - - - Joseph Chavez for the PC
Paul Basset for the Apple & Mary Apte will be the back up.
Many Thanks to Bob Slater and Joseph V. for making a very good presentation to the recreation Dept. enabling us to keep our office and plus getting funding for the equipment. Pres. Joseph requests help in cleaning up and setting up to make office look “Busy”. We have been blessed to have our own permanent venue to use compared to other clubs. Members are reminded to sign in and out to show that this office is being used.
Members are requested to bring their own flash drives to save projects instead of saving it to the computer when finished. 

Joe Osuna put out an article in our local newspaper inviting people instead of discarding a VCR to donate it to our club. So far, Joseph Chavez has checked them out and found 7 good ones and only thrown away 5. Lynn Heath said she will ask the Y’s Service club to donate what they couldn’t sell on their rummage sales. We are hoping we could be able to have 10 good ones on hand.

Members who would man the Ebay Office from 10-12am “Open Studio” for
June are:
   Monday Osuna for first 3 Monday and Bonnie & Lynn on 4th
    Tuesday – Ray Jarris
   Wednesday – Joseph V
   Thursday – Joseph Chavez
   Friday – Mary Apte the first 2 Fridays & Bob Slater Last 2 Fridays 

NEW BUSINESS: Joseph V demonstrate the video about the “Show Reel” we have been using when we show the Inside Leisure World taping. 

Chuck Burnett – shooting Historical Society and Where We Live Club – Joe Osuna will edit.

Dick Davies – Joyce Vlaic suggested that instead of interviewing the President of the Club, Dick should shoot all the activities that GAF is providing the community. Such as Environmental Recycling, Hospitality Center Immunization Program, Lifeline Program, Mobility Aids, and Tax Return assistance and Rossmor Bus Service.

Bonnie – will shoot the first day of Amphitheater 2013 season – hosted by Cabaret – Fritz will have the crew with the huge sound band.

Paul announced that somebody from the Lapidary Club in CH4 is donating an old camera and Equipment need somebody to go pick it up. Ray volunteer.

Ray – say he is losing the background while taping, its chipping within range – maybe it could make it like Hollywood style.
Bob Fritz volunteers to help clean up and he is glad to be a member of this club.

Johnny Vanek – with clapping cheering off screen sound effect.

Joe Osuna – need all the programs to be submitted for June showing.

Robin won’t be able to attend the meeting but will be there for Friday shooting.
Meeting was adjourned by President Joseph Valentinetti at 9:57 AM. 

Respectfully submitted by
Gui Baker, Member.

Next Meeting 9:AM - Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hosting Inside Leisure World 2013:
January - Bonnie Cooper
February - Joseph Valentinetti
March - Mary Apte
April - Joe Osuna
May - Bonnie Cooper
June - Bob Slater
July - Bill Frambach
August - Mary Apte
September – none       
October - Joe Osuna 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Vixia HF G20

Last night the SBTV-3 board approved purchase of two canon Vixia HF G20 video cameras and some accessories for the video cameras, such as tripods, bags, memory cards for the use of the Certified Video Producers of the Leisure World Video Producers Club.
 This is good news, huh?