Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lots of new shows to air in June 2013

Lots of new shows to air in June

A variety of new programs are scheduled to show in June on local
Time Warner Cable Channel SBTV-3 and Verizon Cable Channel
37. The programs are submitted by members of the Video Producers
Club, who are certified video producers. The Video Producers are
volunteers, not employees of SBTV-3.
Copies of the programs are available for $15 per DVD from Station
Manager Robin Fort-Lincke. To place an order, contact her at
or 696-1404.
Club Internet information is available at
The following is the list of programs for June:
The Hive
The Prime Time Players present “The Hive,” featuring female
worker bees and lazy male drone bees, all of which are threatened
by a killer bee and a yellow jacket wasp. The play, which runs under
one hour, was written by Paula Fell and directed by Caprice Spencer
Rothe. Camera operators are Bill Frambach and Joe Osuna. Joe is
the video producer.
The Judges
Judge Shirley and Judge Howard are featured in this 30-minute
program. Judge Shirley renders a verdict on the case “I Lost My
Memories.” Judge Howard renders a decision on “Mistaken Identity.”
Actors are Howard Bleakley, Lorene Christian, Lou Joseph, Joe Osuna,
Shirley Ranaldi and Tillie Stiehr. Joe Osuna is the video producer.
Evening of Paradise
The Hui O Hula hosts a evening of Hawaiian music featuring
two solo professional dancers and a Hawaiian band. Alan Lee, plays
the ukulele. Hui O Hula dancers performed. Kaye Huff is the master
of ceremonies. Jojo Weingart directs the dancers. Joe Osuna is the
camera operator and video producer.
Rhythm Rockers
Ben Berg’s Rhythm Rockers is a band consisting of musicians
Ben Berg, Jim Clawsen, David “Dutch” Scott, with singer Vikie
Van Ert in a half-hour program. The video producer is Joe Osuna.
Around Leisure World
This half-hour program has three segments: “The Judge Carol
Show” with actors Lorene Christian, Joseph Lou, Lillian Loring
and Phil Vlaic; an interview with Joseph Chavez of the Y Service
Club; and an interview with John Carpenter, owner of John’s Philly
Grille, on how to make a great Philly cheese steak sandwich. Joe
Osuna is the video producer.
Silver Fox Car Show
The third annual Silver Fox Club car show was held May 11 at
the Clubhouse 6 parking lot. This 30-minute program shows the
beautiful vehicles and features the proud owners. Frank Destra and
friends entertain. Joe Osuna is the video producer.
Inside Leisure World
This 30-minute program hosted by Bonnie Cooper features the
Buddha Circle Club. The topic is Buddhism. Guests are Lynn R. Heath
and Ven Kusala. Ven is an American Buddhist monk. The program
explores a journey to be a better person, suffer less and be happy.
—Joe Osuna

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Inside Leisure World taping June 2013 Show (Check listings on the right)

Guest Ven Kusala Bhikshu
Host Bonnie Cooper
Host Bonnie Cooper with guests Lynne R. Heath and Ven Kusala Bhikshu
The guests, waiting for Mic-ing and sound check
Cameraman Dick Davis
Ven Kusala Bhikshu
Cameraman Ray Jarris
Robin Fort-Lincke Bill Frambach and Mr. Richard Parker in the control booth
Mary Apte with new members Bob Fritz and Johnny Vanek
Shirlene and Joseph Chavez
 Guests Ven Kusala Bhikshu and Lynn R. Heath
Bill Frambach and Richard Parker at the controls
Robin Fort-Lincke at the directors console
Bob Fritz, Shirlene and Joseph Chavez
Director's Control Area
Robin Fort-Lincke Setting titles for the show
Joe Osuna Mic-ing the guests for the sound check

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Video Producers Club - minutes for April 25

Video Producers Club - minutes for April 25
Meeting opened by President Joseph Valentinetti with 18 persons in attendance. First
order of business was report from Bob Slater who represented our club before the GRF
Recreation Department. He explained some history of change to PEG in last two
decades as our relationship to city contracted cable company has shifted. The
requested money to fulfill our wish list was voted and the Rec.Dept. took the list to
purchase. We will be asked to video record Extension of Trust meetings.
Joe Osuna appeared at Computer Club Openhouse. Outcome may be that classes may
be set up that will benefit both Clubs.
Another presentation will be made before Y's Men's Club.
President, Joseph Valentinetti suggested a business card with Studio location& phone
number that can be used by all members to identify and spread information about Video
Producers Club. Mary Apte made a motion that this card be made. Seconded by Bonnie
Cooper. There was unanimous agreement
The service of offering equipment to digitize VHS will require VCRs as the lifetime is
limited. Should we have money to buy used equipment? The suggestion was made to
ask for donations first through request in NEWS.
Joseph Valentinetti is creating a show reel, which is a series of trailers to appear in
blogspot. Submit in form of MP2 or MP4 1 minute long.
We would like Inside Leisure World programs to be at our Library. Joseph Valentinetti
will request room there for our shows.
Inside Leisure World this week, hosted by Osuna, guests, Rabbi Galit Levy-Slater and
Ruth Herman. Five volunteered to crew. Philly Grill refreshments in green room.
Mary Apte requested camera operators in June for video of Committee Chairmen of
MulitCultural Council Festival. Irene Cistaro and Joseph Chavez volunteered.
Treasurers report $765.49 total.
Request for coverage of Barber Shop Quartet Sunday April 28 CH 4. Ray Jarris
Paul talked about cameras. Irene inquired about resizing images in video.
Lynn questioned pre certification activity - yes can shoot video before certification as
long as SBCCF equipment not used. W M V format submission to Superwire.
Howard Jarvis, Leisure World Emergency Meals may be guest for October Inside.
Dick, Ray, and Kate no comments.
Chavez participated in video Bonnie and Lynn made for webmaster, Daniel Fabian for
use on soon to be launched website
Bob Slater did show interview of Mark Burnett with McCauley. Questions why the
playback on Superwire is in a screen divided in three - distracting from program.
Bonnie currently working with resident Loren White, 90+ to get lifestory to tape.
Keep it Open volunteers for May: Osuna, Jarris, Valentinetti, Bassett/Slater, Apte.
New Members: Anna Derby, Michael Oh, Bob Fritz, Fransua Francoeur, Johnnie Vanek
Welcome these five new members.
Respectfully submitted:
Mary Apte, secretary temp.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Inside Leisure World for March 2013

A public Access show I sometimes host.

Inside Leisure World for March 2013. Guests are Andy Kimbrough and Pat Lay Wilson.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Thanks to the Recreation Committee

From LW News pg 6 May 2 2013

The Committee authorized the expenditure not to exceed $10,000 for the purchase of specific video equipment needed by the Video Producers Club for the production and taping of events in the community.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New programs scheduled to show in May 2013

New programs scheduled to show in May 2013 on local Time Warner Cable Channel SBTV-3 and Verizon Cable Channel 37 .
These programs are submitted by members of the Video Producers Club, who are Certified Video Producers. The Video Producers are volunteers, and not employees of SBTV-3.
Copies of the programs are available for $15 per DVD from Station Manager, Robin Fort-Lincke. You can contact her at or phone  (562) 696-1404 .
Club internet information is available at
Hui O Hula 8th Anniversary
Meet the guests and members of the Hui O Hula, in this 45 minute program, featured the 8th Anniversary of the Hui O Hula. The Hula dancers performed for their guests, and thanked their instructor “Jojo” Weingart. The guests learned to make their own “Spring Rolls” by preparing the round rice paper thin type tortillas in hot water and wrapping them around vegetables and chicken.  Joe Osuna is the Video Producer.
Lucky John
This half hour program contains graphic video, which may not be suitable for young children or the weak hearted. “Lucky” John is a street performer that uses devices and material inserted into the nose, throat, and mouth area, in a live performance at the Seal Beach Pier.  This graphic video is captured for your incredible viewing of his performance. Some of the adults in the audience had to turn away during his performance, but not the kids in the audience. He performs also at the Huntington Beach Pier area. Joe Osuna interviews Lucky John after the street performance.   Oralia Osuna is the Camera Operator and Joe is the Video Producer.
Inside Leisure World
Rabbi Galit Levy-Slater, of our local Congregation Sholom is the guest, along with 2nd Vice President Ruth Herman, Congregation Sholom.
Rabii Galit Levy Slater is the  wife of Video Producer- Entertainer Bob Slater.
Ruth Herman, is a Holocaust Survivor. She was involved with the “Childrens Rescue Operation” 1938-1939. The operation rescued children from Nazi, Germany and got them to England.
Joe Osuna is the host, of this half hour interview program. The program is produced by the Video Producers Club.
Rockaway Beach
Rockaway Beach and Boudin’s Bakery are featured in this “Travel with Joe and Oralia” to the San Francisco area. Rockaway Beach is is known for its’ beautiful cove north of San Francisco.  Boudin’s Bakery is famous for its’ Sourdough bread at Fisherman’s Wharf at the Embarcadero area of San Francisco. Joe and Oralia are the camera operators and Joe is the Video Producer.
Ghirardelli Square
Ghirardelli Square and Fisherman’s Wharf are two places that Joe and Oralia Osuna take you in their travels to San Francisco in this half hour program. Find out how to get a free chocolate candy at Ghirardelli Square and how to pronounce the name.  Walk to Fisherman’s Wharf along Jefferson Street and listen to the music.
Joe and Oralia are the camera operators. Joe is the Video Producer.
Rabbi Pickles
Rabbi Samuel Marcus is known as the Rabbi “Pickles” due to his expertise in teaching his congregation on how to make Pickles. He held a class at the Schmooze Club in this 30 minute program, and had each student make pickles, starting from scratch from an empty jar, adding water, salt and the brining spices, and then the cucumber. Darlene Rose introduced him to the audience. Joe Osuna is the camera operator and Video Producer.
Salvation Army Entertainment
Major Irene Seiler hosted the 30 minute program of the Salvation Army Home League meeting. Cherrie Green started the evening singing hymns. Kip Watkins introduced the singers: Tina Schaffer and Tommy Williams, who entertained the guests. Kip Watkins accompanied Tommy in a duet, with Major Fred Seiler at the piano. Joe Osuna was the guest speaker.  Oralia and Joe Osuna were the camera operators and Joe the Video Producer.
Hyde Street Pier
The Hyde Street Pier in San Francisco is a National Landmark Park. Joe and Oralia take you on a tour, showing you the historical ships. Some of the ships are historic stern paddle boats and other had paddle board engines on both sides of the ship. Other ships were trans-ocean vessels solely powered by the wind in their sails.  Both the Osuna’s worked the cameras, Joe is the Video Producer.
Karaoke Club
One hour of fun singing. Some are very good, others are beginners. Walt Bier is the host and starts off with a song. Some of the singers are Ellen Brannigan, Carmen Edwards, Ray Jarris, Audrey McKenzie, and Ren Villanueva.
Margie Thompson is the Music DJ. Joe Osuna is the Video Producer.
Judge Lorene
This half hour program is a spoof on the  “Judge Judy” TV shows. Interesting cases adjudicated are:  Devil or Angel?  and The Killer Chihuahua .
Ambivalent  Judge Lorene is played by Lorene Christian. Actors playing Plaintiffs, Defendants, witnesses and reporters are:  Porfirio Barrera, Betty Espinola, Mark Gilbert, Lillian Loring, Christy Loring Johns, Joe Osuna, Tillie Stiehr and Phil Vlaic.  Christy Loring Johns sings a song to complete the program.
Camera operator and Video Producer is Joe Osuna
Judge Carol
The spoof on shows like the “Judge Judy” TV programs continue, with this half hour program. Interesting cases adjudicated are:  Horse Play Does Not Pay , and The Dog Bark.
Hanging Judge Carol is played by Carol Robinson in this 30 minute program. The Actors playing Plaintiffs, Defendants, witnesses and reporters are: Joe Osuna, Tillie Stiehr and Phil Vlaic.  Some of the Karaoke Clubs’ songs are featured to complete the half hour program.
Camera Operator and Video Producer is Joe Osuna
Tea Party
The Garden Club’s 2nd annual Tea Party is introduced by President Maria Giererich. The two co-Vice Presidents Gail Levitt and Christine Barnes inform us of their many activities. The Quilting Club shows off their beautiful hand sewn quilts. Showing off their quilting skills and explaining to the audience the type of quilts they are seeing on display are: Judy Wooten, Barbara Houlk, Shirley Holland, Susan Rose, Lois Jenkins and Janet Colson. Guests of honor were introduced, one was Ruth Osborn, Leisure World newspaper editor.
Joe Osuna is the camera operator and Video Producer.
Qi Gong Club
Margaret Zhao, a published author, teacher of traditional Chinese forms of healing, came to visit and sign her book at the Qi Gong Class. Class leader Joann Mullens introduces David Buster, a holistic teacher and healer to the class.  This one hour program covers the new movements to the Qi Gong exercise class, which teaches and enlightens the student to nurture their health through these forms of healing arts.
Class is open to anyone who wants to learn the techniques to create and maintain a healthy, stress-free life.  In addition, the club has demonstrations and discusses the benefits of Qi Gong and Tai Chi Chich.  Camera Operator and Video Producer is Irene Cistaro.
Love Concert
This is a 56 minute  hour program of classical music performed at clubhouse 2,   by young accomplished joyful energetic Los Angeles Christian Singers.  The strings of violin and cello are played in a duet by G.F. Handel, then joined by a piano for a trio. Compositions by our residents Luke Kim and Angel Joh, are the highlight. The encore, “Finiculi, Finicula” had a rousing audience participation.  The concert was hosted by the Korean American Classical Music Academy which meets twice a month to learn the greater appreciation of music. KACMA instructor, Haewon ‘Vickie’ Moon is one of the singers.
Mary Apte is the Camera Operator and Video Producer.
Parrots in a Pepper Tree
Parrots in a Pepper Tree is a short three minute program capturing a flock of parrots feasting on the ripe red berries of a Brazilian Pepper tree. Mary Apte is not a professional in wildlife photography, but does show a fleeting experience in our own green space.  Mary Apte is the Camera Operator and Video Producer.