Saturday, March 30, 2013

Inside Leisure World April 2013 Production Stills

Leisure World librarians Vanessa Morris and Judi Gaines
Leisure World librarians Vanessa Morris and Judi Gaines

Mary Apte during sound check

Camera 3 Bonnie Cooper

Camera 1 Ray Jarris

Camera 2 Dick Davis

Host and Guests on set during sound check

Robin Fort-Lynke in the Control room/Edit bay

Richard Parker at the caption control Panel

Mary Apte, Host for April Inside Leisure World
Leisure World librarian Vanessa Morris

Bonnie Cooper doing a sound check

Control room Richard Parker, captioning and titles, Robin Fort-Lynke Director. Rob Roy Sound Engineer
Richard Parker, Irene Cistaro, Robin Fort-Lynke at the control modules

Friday, March 29, 2013

Inside Leisure World Hosts for 2013

January         Bonnie Cooper
February       Joseph Valentinetti
March           Mary Apte
April             Joe Osuna
June              Bob Slater
September   Mary Apte
Some spots are still open so if you have a club event or idea you would like to promote let me know.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Joe Osuna films Lucky John

Nail hammered into his head

Joe Osuna video of Man driving nail into his own head.

Video Producers Club meeting of February 28, 2013

Video Producers Club meeting of February 28, 2013 called to order by President Joseph Valentinetti at or about 9:AM. (studio clock not being known accurate).
Secretary pro ten Mary Apte named to read and record minutes.
Treasurers report made by Treasurer Joe Osuna. $647.49 in our account and dues have been collected for the year.
Ann Seifert, a returning member was introduced. She hopes VPC will broaden available services to community.
Inside LW # 158 planned for Friday, March 1st. to be hosted by Joseph Valentinetti.
Guests writers. A crew of the usual suspects was raised.
A new concept for the club, "Open 'Studio" was introduced. A Committee was formed to iron out details with expectation to trial run beginning March 18.
After a run around the room for comment, question, and updates on current activity we turned to Robin for her input.
Robin announced the date of March 11, 20 13 for Town Hall Wave awards recognition. 
Meeting adjourned and went into Committee session.

Friday, March 22, 2013

What We Do: The Video Producers Club

The Video Producers Club serves the entire Leisure World community.  We produce video, a medium accepted and admired as having broad based entertainment and education value. We produce a live-to-tape television show in the studios of SBTV3 each month. This show, Inside Leisure World, is broadcast on SBTV3 fifteen or more times each month. Over one hundred and fifty eight episodes of Inside Leisure World have been produced to date. The broadcast covers a wide range of topics of interest to the Leisure World community. It reports on the activities of other clubs, announcing upcoming events. The show also reports on subjects like safety and emergency preparedness with past guests including people from Leisure World's administration and the security department to name only two.

SBTV3 in-studio production is only a small part of the Club's efforts. The members tape the monthly health lectures at Leisure World. It also produces other videos outside of the studio setting, in the Leisure World community and in the community at large.  The members shoot and edit videos of dances, parades, car shows, band performances and other entertainments. The members video trips, cruises, foreign travel and other places and things of public interest, such as the community disaster drills. They video individual community members who might have something of interest and value to say to the wider community, including writers, astronomers, singers, and dancers. These videos are broadcast on SBTV3 and the Super Wire channel.  Among other uses and benefits  this service allows residents to see themselves at the events and re-live their experience. It allows residents to see the event even if they were not able to attend for some reason. And finally it serves to provide valuable continued contact with the community by allowing residents to see the event, and thereby be part of it, even when they are no longer able to attend events at all.

The club provides the lion share of broadcast material for SBTV3. But we are not doing them a favor by providing this content. They are helping us by providing a means for us to project our image of a lively, engaged, active and vibrant senior community to the residents of Seal Beach and Leisure World. We thrive in this mutually beneficial arrangement.

If your club suffers from lack of attention we can help with that. We'll get the word out. Let's make a video.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

March Scedule for Video Producers Club Open Hours

The Video Producers Club
Edit Bay located downstairs in
Clubhouse 5, southwest corner,
Video Producers Club
LWers welcome to see CH 5 edit bay Any resident
of Leisure World is welcome to
come by to see what the club is all
about and how it might be useful
to help with their video projects.
The edit bay will be open
Mondays from 10 a.m.-noon,
with Bob Slater on duty;
Wednesdays, 10 a.m.-noon,
Joseph Valentinetti; Thursdays, 10
a.m.-noon, Paul Bassett; Fridays,
10 a.m.-noon, Mary Apt.
—Joe Osuna

Video Producers Club TV broadcast Information

SBTV-Channel 3
SBTV-Channel 3 programming
can be seen on Time Warner Channel 3
and Verizon Fios Channel 37.
The schedule can be
accessed at

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Terry Otte & Abilene On Superwire filmed by Joe Osuna

The Abilene Band who performed at the March 2, 2013 Theater Club Western Dinner Dance is now showing on the Time Warner Cable Superwire Channel between the hours of 4 pm to 5 pm. It is a 57 minute program.  Should show for the next couple of weeks in that time slot.

For those of you with Time Warner "basic service" the channel is
95.861 or 95-861

For those with a Time Warner "cable box" it is channel 995