Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Students for the Feb 6th Editing Class

Gui Baker
Joseph Chavez
Lynn Heath
Jason Rubinsteen
David Noble.
Wednesday 02.06.2013 CH5 10am till noon.
Bring your computer and some video you wish to edit.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Inside Leisure World shoot 0125 2013 Theme Valentine's Day

Live to Tape Schedule 2013 Inside Leisure World

Schedule of SBTV 3 Live to Tape Shows & Hosts
This is the schedule so far. Any certified producer can host a show.
For more information ask any officer.
Jan 25th Bonnie Zelda Cooper
Mar 1st Irene Cisneros
Mar 29th Mary Apte
Apr 26th Joe Osuna
May 24th
Jun 28th
Jul 26th
Aug 23rd
Sept 27th
Oct 26th
Nov 2nd Video Producers Club party.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Editing Class Feb 6th 2013

Wed Feb 6 10 am until noon, Video Producers room in CH 5. Please RSVP. Seven (7) students max.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Project Example: A 5x5

and a One and a Two and a Three... from Joseph Valentinetti on Vimeo.

Project video for 5x5 01.08.2012 The challenge here is to find beauty in the mundane. Your day-to-day might seem boring to you, but I can assure you there is beauty in it — in your breakfast routine, commute to work, 8am biology class, lunch hour, trip to the gym, or bedtime ritual. Capture the fascinating tiny details you always notice, or the special things that make you smile. You might take these quotidian moments for granted, but sooner or later they'll change and you'll have a new daily grind. Wouldn't it be nice to remember today's grind later on? Almost A Poem toilet flush × electric toothbrush × espresso maker × cute dog × umm-beer × Have A Happy...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. Our first meeting is coming up in two weeks, on the 24th of January at 9 am. http://lwvpc.blogspot.com/ This is the link to our Web Page. You can just click it now to go there. We're trying a website this year to help keep you informed. Meeting minutes, events, activities, shows, photos, the calendar, news stories, links to videos by members and many other things can and will appear here. You can get to the site by clicking the blue text above. At the bottom of each post are buttons you can use to Tweet, send it to your Facebook page and other things. You can also comment with a simple click. There is subscribe button. If you subscribe you will be notified of new items on the site. Ideas for improvement are welcome. Talk to one of the officers or leave a comment on the site. If you need help with anything concerning accessing the site or getting something published there ask an officer. We will be trying some new things this year like having a different host for Inside Leisure World each month. Each certified video producer is eligible to host. Video producers are involved in many activities in the community and who better to lead a discussion about these clubs and activities then someone with inside knowledge? In January Bonnie Cooper will be the host, in February Irene Cisneros will host. Thanks Bonnie and Irene. We will discuss topics and set up more dates at the meeting. Bring your ideas and input and suggestions to the meeting. John's Philly Grille, Home of the Original Cheese Steak and Broad Street Bully Burger, 550 PCH Seal Beach, will provide lunch for cast and crew at the taping of Inside Leisure World. If you happen to go there for lunch let them know you heard about it here. It might be fun to do Showcase Videos this year. What's a showcase video? It's a video that highlights the talents of our members. We would pick a theme and each member who wants to participate would make a video on that theme. There would be limits and rules to help people take part. Take this example: We pick a theme of Seal Beach in Winter. We set a limit of three minutes per video. Each video must be completely edited by the maker. If five people take part we have a fifteen minute show reel. Good enough for broadcast. We improve our skills. We become a more visible community. We have fun. See you on the 25th. I Appreciate Your Courtesy, Joseph

Here Comes The Judge

Here Comes The Judge Just to keep you informed, one team has already reserved shooting a "Here Comes the Judge" scene for January 8, 2013 at the Video Producers Club Edit bay. Team consists of Carol Robinson, Phil Vlaic, Diane Neal, and possibly the reluctant Sharon Harrison Remember, at this video shoot, you can stop at any point during the Spoof court hearing to reset and redo lines and shooting angles. There is no time constraint and no audience.

Meeting Minutes 10.25.2012

Meeting Minutes LEISURE WORLD VIDEO PRODUCERS CLUB MINUTES – CH5 – Edit bay Office October 25, 2012 Meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Joe Osuna. IN ATTENDANCE: Joe Osuna, Bob Slater, Ray Jarris, Kate Pedigo, Bill Framback, Chuck Burnett, Joseph Chavez, Joseph Valentinetti, Bonnie Cooper, Kit Watkins, Howard Jarvis, Paul Basset, Gui Baker, John Robinson, Doug, (16) The September minutes Mary Apte is in East Coast TREASURER’S REPORT: President Osuna reported that there’s no change in the treasury. INSIDE LEISURE WORLD – the host is Joseph Valentinetti, the guest are the Theater Club – Anita Ragole, Llynn Heed, Susan Jones (President of the Producer Club). They are scheduled to arrive at 11:30Am, shooting at 12:00. This is only one time deal, due to Robin has a 2pm meeting. The volunteers are: Joe Osuna, Orie Osuna, Bob Slater, Kate Perdigo, Bonnie Cooper, Ray Jarris. They decided to just order the Pizza at 12:45pm and be delivered. President Osuna announced that November and December is Dark – therefore no meeting. But we do have the meeting on our Christmas party. The host for Inside LW for January is Bonnie Cooper and for February is Irene Cistaro Kate Pedigo has named the nominees for 2013 officers – President – Joseph Valentinetti Vice President – Paul Basset Secretary – Bonnie Cooper Treasurer & Publicity – Joe Osuna . Bob Slater moved that these will be 2013 officers and seconded. OLD BUSINESS: There is nothing in Old Business. Holiday party is set for November 5. The time is 10am-3pm, Monday at CH4. Chuck Burnett is in charge of the Main dish - the Barbeque Brisket is provided by the Club and all members will bring a side dish, such as breads – Mary Apte, vegetables – corned by Dick Davies, beans – David Noble, 3-bean jar by Ray Jarris, Joe Osuna will bring container desert – Arllene Hayashida will bring cake, Fruit Salad by Gui Baker, salad – Bob Slater, Potato Salad – Chuck Burnett, Egg Nog with Rum by Joseph Valentinetti, Macaroni & Cheese- Kit Watkins. Soft drinks – Kate Pedigo Table decoration – Bill & Ann Frambach, Napkins – Darlene Mano, eating utensils- Joe Osuna. Set-up & Clean up will be Gui Baker & Joseph Chaves, Camera Operators – Bonnie Cooper, Door prizes provided by Joe Osuna (One bottle of beer and one bottle of Sparkling Cider at each table.) Our Entertainer will be Howard Jarvis – he is a guitar player and singer. As usual, the Recreation Department and the Administration Department, (Dan Schaffer won’t be attending because he is suing the GRF) his secretary is invited. The Marine Corps for Toys for Tots. plus SBTV3 board. Also invited are Our contributor. Average attendance - 40 people. NEW BUSINESS: Joseph Chavez will be taping on November 8 at 1pm CH2 “Murder on the Orient Rug Raid”. It’s only one day show. AROUND THE TABLE: John Robinson – new kid on the block – he has a video camera, wants to learn more of editing and make into DVD. He has a Sony. He also has spill coffee on his key board and would like to know how to solve the problem. Few suggestions and experience were offered. Kit Watkins apologized for not being able to volunteer for taping Inside LW. He is afraid he might cause more harm than being able to help. He is under Doctor’s care. Joseph Valentinetti’s “Christmas Carol” is in rehearsal for performances Saturday Dec 8, Tuesday Dec 11 at 7pm, and on Wednesday Dec 12 at 2pm at Clubhouse 3. Joe Osuna will cover Health Lecture next week because Ray Jarris will be cruising till November 12. Health Lecture is once a week, minimal editing and every tape will be at the Library. Joseph Chavez had showed Gui Baker the procedure of hooking up the lap-top to be shown on the TV. Unfortunately Gui Baker decided to return the wiring because it was too bulky. Kit Watkins got Joseph Chavez phone number and would need his help to do the same. Meeting was adjourned by President Joe Osuna at 10:05 AM. Respectfully submitted by Gui Baker, Member.

LW News 01.10.1013

Video Producers Club meets at 9 a.m. the fourth Thursday of each month in the Edit Bay in Clubhouse 5. Leisure World residents are welcome to attend and learn about the requirements to become active participants. Contact Joe Osuna at 430-0389 for more information. Copies of programs produced through the SBTV-3 facility and cablecast on SBTV-Channel 3 can be purchased for $15. Copies are available on DVD or VHS videotape. Call 596-1404 or email requests to sbtv3@gte.net. Club members provide information and entertainment programs to SBTVs public access station Channel 3. Six new programs are slated for January. A listing of all programs for the month may be found at http:www.sbtv3.org. Residents can also view segments of the programs on Joe Osuna’s YouTube website at www.youtube. com/JoeSeniorVideo. The following is a partial list of new shows scheduled for January. •Kolohe Kanes Band One hour of musical entertainment sponsored by the Hui O Hula Club, featuring the Kolohe Kanes Band, a Hawaiian trio. Jojo Weingart is the dance instructor. Owen and Kaye Huff are the emcees. The show features Hawaiian hula and live music with audience participation in Clubhouse 2. Kim Do Tran is the camera operator and video editor. Joe Osuna, public access producer, reviewed and submitted the program. •Theater Club Holiday Party The Theater Club is featured in this half-hour show. Chuck Burnett is the emcee. Entertainers are the Pure Joy Dancers, comprised of Lynn Heath, Joseph and Shirlene Chavez, Jeannie Greb, Margaret Humes, David Noble, Kay Messer and Vickie Van Ert. Terry Humphrey sings “Christmas Song.” Ellen Brannigan sings “Me and My Teddy Bear,” and Bill Frambach tells the story of “Herbert the Horrible.” The Theater Club Tappers include Sandy Siemens, Patty Caole, Terry Humphrey, Donna O’Keefe, Jeannie Ryan and Meg Smith. Pat Kogok recites “If I Were Santa.” Anita Ragole sings “Gesu Bambino,” accompanied by Pat Kogok. The Christmas Carolers, who close out the show, include director Ellen Brannigan and vocalists Chuck and Diane Burnett, Barbara Chambers, Joseph and Shirlene Chavez, Carmen Edwards, Bill Kuss, Audrey McKenzie, David Noble and Phil Vlaic. Bill Frambach is Santa, assisted by Vickie Van Ert. Joe Osuna is the video producer. •Fluid Management The Matters of the Heart lecture series on congestive heart failure continues with a talk on “Fluid Management” by Elsa Rogers, RN, MSN, of the Los Alamitos Medical Center. Ms. Rogers is the CAD program coordinator. This 45-minute program informs caregivers and patients about the importance of managing fluids for themselves or other people having congestive heart failure. The lecture was given at the Leisure World Health Care Center. •Sunday Night Holiday Party Band Leader Carol Robinson and the No-Name Band entertained at the Sunday Night Dinner Dance Club. Singers were Carmen Edwards, Terry Humphrey and Anita Ragole. Music included traditional Christmas songs and dance music. Lynn Heath photographed the band. Joe Osuna is the video producer. •Doo Wop Anniversary The Anniversary Show of the Doo Wop Club, also know as the Let the Good Times Roll Club, is featured in a one-hour program captured on camera and edited by Do Tran. Frank and Martha Destra are introduced. Entertainers are Ben Berg, Gregory Black, Destra, Ric Dizon, Carmen Edwards, Rosemary Freman, Geri Garcia, Vic De Grazia, Terry Humphrey, Pat Kogok, Audrey McKenzie, Pam Miller, David Noble, Joe Tucky, Peter Sequeria, Vickie Van Ert and Elesha Wadel. The program was submitted by Joe Osuna. •Christmas Carol The famous “Christmas Carol,” by Charles Dickens, is featured in this one-hour, 15-minute program. The story is adapted by Joseph Valentinetti, with actors reading the story and with Christmas Carolers from the Theater Club. Lynn Heath, assistant director, introduces the reading around the Fireplace at Clubhouse 3. Ellen Brannigan is the musical director. Actor-readers are Sam Jones, Sandi Post, Anita Ragole and Geri Stone. Singers are Chuck and Diane Burnett, Carmen Edwards, Bill Kaus, Audrey McKenzie and Phil Vlaic, and Joseph and Shirlene Chavez, who also sing, were assigned to greet the audience. Joseph Valentinetti was the director. Lou Joseph ran the spotlight. Joe and Oralia Osuna are the videographers, and Joe Osuna is the video producer. —Chuck Siemens

Club Officers

Club Officers President Joseph Valentinetti 0501042@gmail.com 909.800.4102 Vise President Paul Bassett Cbreeze4PAB@yahoo.com Treasurer & Publicity Jose Osuna Joosuna@verizon..net Secretary Bonnie Z Cooper Bonniez562@yahoo.com Our meeting/work room is called the Video Producers Club edit bay or just The Edit Bay. It is located in clubhouse 5. The entrance is on the alley side of the building. The mission of the club is to provide a place where members can grow their skills and communicate with each other and with the community at large. Some video producers go on to become certified by Seal Beach TV 3 to produce programs to air on that channel. Member who are not certified may be able to produce videos for the air by teaming with a certified member.