Saturday, April 5, 2014

LEISURE WORLD VIDEO PRODUCERS CLUB MINUTES – Edit Bay Room Clubhouse 5 March 27, 2014

MINUTES – Edit Bay Room Clubhouse 5
March 27, 2014

Meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Joseph Valentinetti.

 IN ATTENDANCE: Mary Apt, Gui Baker, Irene Cistaro, Joseph Chavez, Bonnie Cooper, Bill Framback, Lynn Heath, Ray Jarris, Joe Osuna, Steve Nichols, Joseph Valentinetti, (11)

 The February minutes was read by Gui

TREASURER’S REPORT: Joe Osuna - $1168.00 cash on hand $383.00 ending balance $1551.00

INSIDE LEISURE WORLD – Bonnie will be Hosting for March, the guests are Betty Coven & Ann Derby.
Volunteers are Mary Apt, Joseph Chavez, Dick Davies, Joe Osuna, Rob Roy – sound man, Richard & Sally Parker in Control room.

The following sign up for Inside Leisure World taping
March Bonnie
April Joe O – interviewing the New Certified Producers – Lynn, Steve & John
May Mary Apt
June Ethel
July Steve Nichols

Pres Joseph V - needed ushers for the dinner dance to place numbers at the table, greet the guests, direct them to their seats, sell raffle tickets and The ushers are also responsibility to bring Roy & Dale cut up to the party. These two will be auction off. The Volunteers are Anna Derby, Lynn Heath, Mary Apt and Ray Jarris.
Video taping are Paul Bassett, Joe Osuna plus Steve Nichols. And pictures taking.

“Keep it open” the Edit Bay Office Monday-Friday 10-12am for March:
Monday – Joe Osuna
Tuesday – Ray Jarris
Wednesday – Joseph V
Thursday – Joseph Chavez
Friday – Irene Cistaro
The office will be closed for the week of April 7 due to painting.

Joseph V – (1) show on the overhead the slide show the website where to find the useful forms the club needed.
(2) As for Apparel – the website for whoever would be interested to order T-shirts with our Producer logo.
(3) He recommended that we should use ICE (In case of emergency) the contact person and phone number.
(4) Anybody who are interested to see “Little Billy” can watch it on You Tube. Wave@Mineo.
(5) Joseph V and Joe O will help whoever needs help to set up You-Tube.

Mary Apt –
Kate Perdigo has improved, Mary will bring Kate back from Rehab to her apartment. Mary will help her the next few days when she return. Kate make plans to live outside LW, probably at Sunshine. She has been asking Jason Rubenstein for consultation.

Irene Cistaro volunteers to call the members to remind them about the meeting.

Bonnie Cooper passed and let Anna Derby explained about the Cenntinnial.

Anne Derby – They have started the Centennial program last November, they have been interviewing the shareholders who are centennial (there are 15 of them) and invited to the party honoring them. It will held on April 10 at Clubhouse 4 from 11 AM – 1:30PM. They have talked to Orange County Register, Long Beach Telegram, they will cover the event. KTLA TV Media will be there. The food is from 24 Carets, half the sandwich, salads, dessert. For entertainment, they have Tommy Williams and Betty Fritch.

Steve Nichols – The Video Maker Magazine, advertised some boot camp – he learn a lot there.

Michael Oh – inquired about the color of our T-Shirt. With the Producer logo.

Irene Cistaro – video – trying to finish up the ship SS Lane Victory.

Robin – the ILW for April will be postpone due to Pageant of the Arts on the same day.
Explain that they stop giving out their T-Shirt because we are not their staff and we don’t represent the SBTV3.

Joe Osuna – says it will be nice to use the Turquoise color – use same color – so it will stand out.

Meeting was adjourned by President Joseph Valentinetti at 9:55 AM.
Respectfully submitted by Gui Baker, Member.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Gui's Video Of The Wave Awards

ILW 3.28.2014 Bonnie Z. Cooper host

Mary Apte at the title console

Bonnie Z. Cooper Host

Irene Cistaro helping guests Anna Derby and Betty Coven

Dick Davis with iPhone

Control room

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Abilene still photos from interviews 3.25.2014

Joe Osuna setting up the interview cameras etc

Abilene L to R- Rod, Tina, Terry, Michel, Harry