Sunday, June 25, 2017


Members present: Joseph Valentinetti, Lorene Christian, Bill Frambach, Irene Cistaro,Janice Laine, Richard Houck, Michael Oh, Joe Osuna, Joseph Chavez, Shirene Chavez, Bonnie Cooper.
Minutes:  The May minutes were unanimously approved.
Treasurer:  The May treasurer’s report showed a beginning balance of $1998.66 in the bank account. The bank has stopped taking out a fee and is now paying us interest. The interest for May was $.08 giving us a new balance of $1998.74.  Petty cash balance is $130.00 which includes $10 for a new member’s fees. The treasurer’s report was unanimously approved.
New Business CERTS sent a thank you card thanking VPC for the good work done on the emergency preparedness video.
GRF has not been in contact with VPC recently regarding the video they want completed.
VPC will send out email to our members asking them to contact our newer members to encourage them to get involved in our video projects.
Round Table
Irene Cistaro is enjoying her volunteer work with KIO but was concerned about not being able to answer some of the questions she’s been getting. It was suggested that KIO volunteers do not merely tell the person to come back when someone else might be there to answer, but rather, to call one of the members most likely to know the answer. The VPC membership with phone numbers and email addresses is posted on the VPC bulletin board and everyone is free to use it. Irene has acted in Joe Osuna’s productions and crewed with Michael Oh on several of his videos.
Michael Oh videoed The Farmers Market, the Suede Sole Dancers, the L.A. bus trip with 50 people, and is making 45 DVDs. He discussed his problem with putting the video on youtube due to the music being copyrighted. There was a discussion about what to do about copyrighted music and how to get a large number of DVDs burned. GRF no longer has DVD equipment and needs everything available on line.
Joseph Chavez reported that Bonnie Cooper interviewed his sister when Bonnie was visiting in New York. He is going through all the clips and naming them. Joseph Valentinetti informed the group that the new TVs have a USB port so these clips can be seen on the TV.
Shirene Chavez is working on organizing all of Joseph’s C’s pictures, which are extensive. Joseph V says there’s a “Batch” app and it will sequence them for you. (Joseph V sent out an email after the meeting with the link to the app.)
When Bonnie Cooper was on vacation in New York, she fell and broke her arm so she has been sidelined since she got back. However, she did go and take video/stills about how to take the free bus to Los Alamitos hospital and described the various medical buildings there. Bill Holden is doing the voice over and it was suggested that when assembling the video that the voice should be completed first and then the pictures added.
Richard Houck has completed over 100 hours of work putting together the EPIC emergency video which was done with 5 cameras shooting six hours of raw film. He has made it into two parts but is working out the problems because it is still too long to copy. Joe Osuna says Power Director is able to shrink a program. (After the meeting Joe showed the members how to do this.) In addition, Richard is working on a radio show and his wife Barbara wants him to do a project for her.
Joe Osuna is back from his long vacation and has already produced a “Silent Movie.” He reported that he had to take back his new HDTV because it was not compatible with the graphics on Power Director. He found out that not all TVs are compatible with Power Director. Joe reported that SBTV3 now has the capabilities to do live streaming.
Anna Derby was unable to attend the meeting but sent in a report. She thanks Joe Osuna for taking over the Cinco De Mayo video and getting it on Superwire. Also thanks to Michael Oh and Richard Houck for vieotaping the Suede Sole Dancers Annual Show. Mary Apte worked very hard to complete the public announcement for the event.  Anna is greatly appreciative of Paul Bassett for completing the Hawaiian May Day/Lei Day project in spite of going through tough times with his sciatic pain since May. She wishes him well.
Janice Laine completed the guide dog video for July’s ILW.
Joseph Valentinetti reported on the problems the VPC room is having with the WiFi. It was apparently fixed by maintenance but then it went out again.
Paul Bassett has been out sick since May and is greatly missed.
Respectfully submitted,
Janice Laine, secretary

Monday, May 29, 2017



Members present: Joseph Valentinetti, Lorene Christian, Anna Derby, Bill Frambach, Mary Apte, Dee Harmon, Irene Cistaro, Beverly Bender, Janice Laine, Richard Houck, and Robin Forte-Lincke.

Minutes:  The corrected April minutes were unanimously approved.

Treasurer:  The January treasurer’s report showed a beginning balance of $1998.66 in the bank account. Petty cash balance is $120. Unanimously approved.

New Business
Mary Apte reported that the lavalier microphones are locked in the SBTV3 cabinet and are available to certified video producers. Further, Mary had been working on a two-camera shoot about Cinco De Mayo for the July ILW; however, she is unable to complete it in time and asked to be able to submit it at a later date. Janice Laine volunteered to complete one of her videos for the July ILW.

Round Table
Mary Apte is working on a promotion regarding the presentation to a church of a large painting by artists Barbara Simundza and Carmen Leslie. In addition, Mary is making a public service announcement for the Suede Soul dancers.

Anna Derby reported problems can be avoided by being sure that 10 days before an event, you put your event needs on a sketch for Kathy in the recreation department. Kathy will see that everything requested is in place for the event. Anna further reported that she is coordinating with Paul BassetT and Michael Oh on several projects including the Suede Soul Dancers, Cinco de Mayo, Good News Singer, Hui Hula, and the Mutual 5 picnic.

Dee Harmon said that Harmonizing Humanity made a video of the “Where We Live Club” using two cameras. She and Brian have submitted two new “Harmonizing Humanity” shows.

Irene Cistaro informed the club that she really enjoys doing KIO. She has been busy capturing short clips.

Joseph Valentinetti announced that he continues to give classes on using your phone or tablet to produce videos. In addition, he is still working with GRF on their promotional video.

Robin Forte-Lincke said to be sure to check the audio level because when editing the volume can change. The standard level is 0; if down minus, it’s too low. Also, the on board camera mic picks up every noise at the same loudness.

Respectfully submitted,

Janice Laine, secretary

Friday, April 28, 2017



Members present: Joseph Valentinetti, Paul Basset, Lorene Christian, Anna Derby, Bill Frambach, Mary Apte, Brian Harmon, Dee Harmon, Jim Mulchahy, Michael Oh, Irene Cistaro, Sandy Young, and Richard Houck.

Minutes:  March minutes were unanimously approved. Secretary Janice Laine was absent and April minutes were taken by Brian Harmon.

Treasurer:  The January treasurer’s report showed a beginning balance of $1878.59 in the bank account.  $120 was deposited giving a current  total of $1998.59. Petty cash paid $18.30 for batteries and $4 for cookies. Ending petty cash balance is $94.

New Business
Mary Apte reported on the use of external microphones. She said that she had a few problems but it was worth it. Extraneous sounds were less of a problem.

Joseph Valentinetti indicated that a new program called "we transfer" allows sending up to two gigs to anyone.

Joseph also said that the community section of the Leisure World paper is a good source for new programs. For example, Cinco de Mayo would make for a great show.

The newspaper will begin running a box each week spotlighting The Video Producers club classes.

Round Table

Richard reported that he is holding off on his handheld radio program so that he could do CERT drill this month.

Anna Derby coordinated and Michael Oh produced Hui O Hula entertainment at Seal Beach on April 15, Saturday sponsored by Surfriders Foundation which promotes to protect to ocean for others for generations to come. Joe Osuna got this article in April's VPC program. Michael and Anna just came back from his oldest daughter, Miki's 50th birthday and taped lots of footage.

Irene reported that she has been having trouble using Google pictures. Joseph explained that there is a preference tab in the file menu of just about every program, so she can turn off functions that are causing her difficulties.

Paul’s video productions “Senior Scam” and Cabaret’s “Music Around the World” should be scheduled to show in May on SBTV3.  Cameras were Michael Oh, Richard Houck, and Paul, with Anna Derby handling video coordination.

The Bert Carroll tribute production was delayed due to the project producer being on a ten day cruise.

Paul will video produce the Hui O’Hula event on Sunday, May 7th, in Clubhouse 1.  Cameras to be handled by Michael Oh, Mary Apte, and Paul.  Anna Derby is the video production coordinator.

Jim Mulcahy said that he is new and wants to learn about making videos.

Sandy reported that in taking movies of flowers and trees she has been learning to keep her finger out of the way. She is also learning how to use iMovie.

Brian Harmon reported on his program harmonizing humanity that the show deals with how each person can do something to make the world better. His latest interviewee was Anna Derby. He will use that interview for two episodes.

Joseph said that his class on using your phone to take videos has been successful and is attracting new members. It is held the second and fourth Wednesday at 10 AM.

Joe Osuna is reported to be in the Florida Keys and he’s sure to come back with some fabulous video, according to Joseph Valentinetti.
Respectfully submitted,
Janice Laine

Brian Harmon

Friday, March 24, 2017



Members present: Joseph Valentinetti, Joseph Chavez, Shirlene Chavez, Bonnie Z Cooper, Oralia Osuna, Joe Osuna, Paul Basset, Lorene Christian, Anna Derby, Bill Frambach, Mary Apte, Janice Laine, Carol Gregurek, Irene Cistaro, Sandy Young, and Richard Houck.

Minutes:  The February minutes had been added to the web site for all of the members to read. Corrections were made.  Mary Apte moved to accept the corrected minutes, Joe Osuna seconded. Minutes were unanimously approved.

Treasurer:  The January treasurer’s report showed a beginning balance of $1978.59 in the bank account.  There were bank charges of $3 and $5. There is $157.00 in petty cash. Joe Osuna moved to accept the report, Joseph Chavez seconded. Unanimously approved

New Business
Eloy Gomez, Leisure World Safety director, has asked the VPC to video CERT’s emergency training program on Friday 3/31. CERT is staging a mockup of what to do in an emergency. Some residents will be costumed in bandages and splints to portray those injured in the event and others will act as rescuers. Mary, Paul, Irene, Joe, and Richard volunteered for this project.

Mary Apte is working on the May Inside Leisure World regarding the mini farms.

Joe Osuna will be on vacation for two months beginning 4/21 and Janice Laine will do his KIO commitment. Richard Houck’s Tuesday KIO will be covered for one week by Joe Osuna.

Paul Bassett reported that instead of erasing their video on a VPC camera, someone left about 12 clips on it so it was not ready for the next person.  Also, he noted that the batteries had not been recharged. Please be considerate of others who use the equipment.

Joseph reported that while videos for Superwire have been loaded every day, they will be loaded less often when Joe Osuna is on vacation in April and May.

Round Table

Anna Derby is working with Paul and Michael on several projects. She was interviewed by Mary Apte.

Richard Houck is making a video about the radio and is just finishing one on the light house. He is very involved in the CERT training program.

Paul Bassett is working on the Filipino Valentine party. He edited the GRF Scam seminar and is producing the video of the Cabaret show. 

Bonnie Z Cooper is filming a hospice program with Oralia and Irene as her crew.
Mary Apte is working on the May ILW regarding the mini gardens.
Lorene explained about our refreshments.
Carol Gregurek, a new member, is very excited about learning how to video.

Oralia worked with Joe on DuWop and is operating the camera for Bonnie’s Hospice shoot.

Joe Osuna is shooting an original play and several short skits. Joe’s google maps entries hit the one million mark.

Irene Cistaro is learning how to use her tablet to take videos and working with Mary on the Mini Farms and the CERT program.

Joseph C. is experimenting with his iphone.

Robin Forte-Lincke informed the group that she will present certification classes in the summer.

Respectfully submitted,

Janice Laine

Saturday, February 25, 2017


Members present: Joseph Valentinetti, Joseph Chavez, Bonnie Z Cooper, John Robinson, Oralia Osuna, Joe Osuna, Paul Basset, Mary Milhone, Lorene Christian, Anna Derby, Michael Oh, Ren Vallenueva, Bev Bender, Bill Frambach, Mary Apt, Janice Laine, and Bill Holden

Minutes:  The January minutes had been added to the web site for all of the members to read. There were no corrections. Joe Osuna moved to accept the minutes, Bill Frambach seconded. Minutes were unanimously approved.

Treasurer:  The January treasurer’s report showed a beginning balance of $1766.57 in the bank account. $215.00 was collected for a balance of $1981.57. There is $83.00 in petty cash. Joseph Chavez moved to accept the report, Bill Frambach seconded. Unanimously approved

New Business
The VPC is working with GRF to make three videos educating prospective buyers and sales people about Leisure World. The first video, “Is Leisure World Right For You”, explains who may buy a unit here and some of the amenities. The second video is specifically for Real Estate agents to give them uniform information when selling units. The third video is a universal “New Buyers Guide” to be used by all of the mutuals to explain the rules once newcomers move here.

Round Table
Joe Osuna is working with the karaoke singers to make videos with actors acting out the words of the songs. They are using songs by the “Rat Pack” – Sinatra, Martin, etc.

Mary Apt interviewed Anna Derby. Michael Oh did the camera work. 
Paul Bassett is helping transfer the interview to Apple. She also volunteered to do a video on the mini gardens for and Inside Leisure World.

Irene Cistaro is doing a video on aquarium fish.

Paul Bassett made a three camera video of Terry Otte’s 75th birthday concert.  The Filipino dinner with Ren Villanueva as Master of Ceremonies was covered by Michael Oh and Paul Bassett.

Bonnie Z Cooper completed an ILW interviewing members of the Vision and Hearing Impaired Club. They showed how blind people get around by themselves in a seeing world. Bonnie is working on a video regarding palliative care and hospice.
Joseph Valentinetti has experienced full classes with waiting lists of shareholders wanting to learn how to use their cell phones to make and edit videos. These classes are ongoing with the focus of one class on shooting and the focus of another class on editing.
Janice Laine videoed the Genealogy Club’s speaker and also the Impaired Hearing and Vision Club’s speaker for viewing on Superwire and SBTV3.
Respectfully submitted,

Janice Laine